Sunday, May 01, 2011

Reason #6 for not supporting the Olentangy levy

The bond issue includes -- get this -- $13.5 million for a new elementary school. Given that the last elementary cost only $7.8 million, $5.7 million remain for (I was informed by the district treasurer) technology, loose furnishings and textbooks. That is $8,769 per pupil. Amazing! Amazingly expensive, that is.

Add it up (and I am being charitable here):

  • use of a computer, network, etc. -- $1,000
  • a desk and chair - $150
  • textbooks - $250
  • misc - $1,000

So, where is the remaining $6,369 per student?

Hint: It's not in your wallet.

Read this entry to see what the district does with excess bond funds -- your money. And remember, the district HAS sufficient bond residuals to build the new elementary.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a textbook come home with our elementary aged children. It's strictly copied worksheets. Which what--probably comes from a single workbook being copied for entire classes. Hardly a cost of $250 per student, I would imagine (but could wrong).

Admittedly, I have not researched anything and am just commenting.

Anonymous said...

Jim - Can you believe they sent the following email out today to the parents of the High School Soccer Team? Illegal use of tax payer resources for campaign purposes! Illegally "expecting" which might as well read mandatory participation in a pro tax rally! This is beyond abusive and disgusting, this has to be illegal.

From: "Lisa Saiben"
Date: April 13, 2011 10:03:07 AM EDT

I have attached a press release about a rally on Sunday. I expect all players to attend if they do not have a prior commitment. This is a very important event, and our first team activity! All three high schools will be attending. Please where a blue OLHS soccer shirt if you have one, if not any blue Olentangy shirt is fine. I will be sending a flyer to follow as soon as I recieve the final version. I will also give a specific location to meet at that time. The time/date/location is below:

"Vote for US" Rally
Sunday, April 17th 2-4pm
Bufallo Wings and Rings (on Rt 23)

Lisa Saiben
Math Teacher
Girl's Soccer Coach
Olentangy Liberty High School

Jim Fedako said...

Amazing. The link to the document is here

Anonymous said...

The "Excellence in Financial Reporting" checklist contains this:

"Has the school district refrained from including unspent proceeds from
debt in the calculation of net assets invested in capital assets, net of
related debt? [GASB-S34: 33; Q&A 7.23.2; 2005 GAAFR, page 161]"

They include this in the CAFR that nobody reads...but completely ignore it in formulating their levy ask.

On Left go to:
Award Programs...
Certificate of Achievement...
Checklist for School Districts...

Read through the checklist...let me know how this equates to "fiscal responsibility".

Anonymous said...

Wow- How Impressive! Some district employees are actually going to work after hours! . . for their own raise, that is.

Anonymous said...

Re: the math teacher and soccer coach. What she is doing ought to be illegal. Furthermore, she is borderline illiterate. I wonder what her salary is? I am shocked at the mistakes in this email. "where"? "recieve"?