Friday, April 29, 2011

Reason #5 the Olentangy levy is not needed

OFK is lying when it states the following in regard to the supposed no-additional-millage bond component of the levy, "Current residents should see NO increase in their tax rate for school bonds, which results in future residents paying more than they would have under a 'traditional' debt structure."

An internal document obtained through a public records request shows current residents paying the greater portion. Why? The district is using residual funds (which current residents are paying off) to reduce the millage in the early years.

Future residents will pay the same as a "traditional" debt structure. And both the district and OKF know they are lying about this one.

Note: Wade Lucas has pulled a few fast ones in his short tenure in Olentangy. For Feasel, it's as expected. For OFK, dangling from the puppeteer's strings are leading the organization down the wrong path.


Scott Salsman said...

Hi. I get lots of Christian libertarian blogs in my Google Reader, and your post popped in there with a title about Olentangy. It caught my eye because I live in Delaware, OH! My wife and I are believers, and I listen to Mises podcasts every day. Then I saw your other blogs, and I dabble in fiction writing, too. Just thought it was interesting. I feel like we should have you over for dinner some time!

Jim Fedako said...


Thanks for the note. By the way, the stuff on the other sites were written by my father. I just maintin them for him.