Monday, April 25, 2011

Reason #2 for not supporting the levy

A statistic tauted by the district is the average salary for district teachers. Interesting finding: since fiscal year 2006, the average salary for district teachers has increased at over twice the rate of the average salary for residents -- 18% to 8%.


And this does not include the average cost of benefits.

Any wonder why the district school-related property tax burden is soon to be top 20 in the state.

Note: Number used above are from the Ohio Department of Education's Cupp Report.


Anonymous said...

Lakota has 15.5% more students than OLSD, but OLSD has 7.2% MORE administrative staff than Lakota.

Hilliard has 1.9% fewer students than OLSD--but OLSD has 9.9% MORE administrative staff than Hilliard.

You could down the list. I like how Wade-O flips back and forth on the CUPP data between "comparison group" and "statewide" when it fits him. On the Number of administrators he uses the state comparison because Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, other urban areas are staffed to the gills with administrators which drives up the state average so that we appear reasonable. But compared against out own cohort we're not competitive.

Why do they constantly mislead us? (rhetorical question, of course...)

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why he's worth all that money. Because he's so talented at flipping and tricking. He must have a natural talent or else he was trained in administrator school to do it.