Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reason #10 for not supporting the levy

The district can come back in November with a scaled-down levy. Simple as that!


Anonymous said...

I have tried to remain "neutral" in the levy issue until I had more facts for both pro and con. So far, the pros have come from the OFK/OSLD multi-page flyer and a fellow neighbor passing them out and offering to answer questions. Your postings, with quantifiable facts, are exactly what I needed to see. I do NOT like the threats of cuts that simply push the residents into thinking everything will fall apart in 2011 if they don't pass they levy! The graphic of where OSLD is compared to Bexley and the Effective Millage nailed it for me; passing this levy puts us at #2 on a list you/we want to be at the bottom of. OSLD needs to rethink this. I am only guessing they are hoping to pass it (sure seems like they will considering how many neighbors have YES signs.) If it does not pass, they will claim "look what we did to make it better - only 5.9 mils" in Nov.

Anonymous said...


Been saying that since last fall.....You are dead on....if it fails, they will announce cuts of everything....over the summer, a miracle will occur and they will dig into their $24m piggy bank (cash balance at the end of FY 11) and say, look at all the good things we did to help save your bus and we really really need you to approve the 5.9mil in Nov.

Anonymous said...

Jim - You are being unethical and quite frankly lying to your readers by not pointing out that many of the schools Olentangy "jumps" are also planning levy issues this year or early next year. By this time next year we will be right back at the same place on the list, not at the top.

Are you really for the truth or just spinning like those you normally complain about. How about it?

Jim Fedako said...

10:25 --

I think most readers understand. Define your use of "many." I would bet that you haven't even researched your statement.