Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Olentangy School District: taxpayers looking for the truth

The Buckeye Institute has a database of the salaries of all public school employees (the Institute has other searchable public employee databases, as well). According to its latest email, these are the top searches for March by district:

Teacher Salary
1. Gahanna-Jefferson City (4,570)
2. Columbus City (3,549)
3. Olentangy Local (3,342)
4. Cleveland Metropolitan (3,323)
5. Akron City (3,113)

Get the feeling that Olentangy would rather not be number 3 on this list (the district was number 3 inFebruary, as well)? Wonder why so many people are concerned about district salaries? Hmmm. Note: The database is not complete, but it is a start. It does not list the value is all benefits, such as the pickup, the pickup on the pickup, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if Wade "Mr Coffee" Lucas had coffee chats with real residents instead of his OFK rubber stamps they'd feel less inclined to research information themselves.

Why do I get the feeling that his "coffee chats" are less informative than they are intimate touch-base rallies for levy organizers? Hmmm...