Saturday, April 02, 2011

Olentangy for Children

Oh, no! More competition. First it was Responsible Olentangy Citizen, now it's Olentangy for Children. Check out OFC on Facebook. Hey, this kind of competition is good.


Anonymous said...

Check out the "Why should you trust OFK?" They're living on another planet.

I love the "self serving" comment.
The only difference in levy campaigns, pre and post OFK, is that OFK is the district's proxy--they're campaign arm.

Who do they think they're kidding?

Why should you trust OFK?
"Why should you trust Olentangy For Kids? Good question! Before 1999, Olentangy’s levy campaigns were run primarily by school district employees – board members, administrators, etc. That’s still fairly commonplace across Ohio. But there are two problems with that. First, to a community member, that “campaigning” sometimes seemed self-serving. Secondly, because of that vested interest, community members sometimes were suspicious of the facts that were provided by the district’s campaign. Not surprisingly, Olentangy often lost its ballot issues. So in 1999, a group of concerned and hard-working community members stepped up and took the campaign reins away from the district. They made it their business to research and verify all campaign information and to take responsibility to distribute that information to their fellow community members. Since then, nearly 1,000 conscientious and diligent community members step up to research and prepare campaign information and to distribute it to their neighbors. We do our best to validate and verify. We’re your neighbors who care so much about our kids’ future and our community’s future that we get involved – investing our time, energy, and expertise."

Anonymous said...

Expertise? LOL! As displayed by this email from the President of OFK that is riddled with grammatical errors:

"My sincerest apology. The first email came to me with all your names attached and I found it has offensive as you are feeling, because her facts are simple not truth. The salary and benefits argument on the website upsets me personally because I value most of the educators we have in our District and wish we could pay them much more.

You are correct this is not the correct forum. I will not send any additional communication. My sincere apology and let's focus our passion on what will keep our community strong! Not these types of email. Have a wonderful winter evening."

It seems OFK is really just about paying district employees "MUCH MORE!" But for what? Why? Based on what standard? Could we achieve the same level of educational attainment and pay less? We'll never know if these clowns keep driving the bus off the cliff. The only solution they offer is for us to pay more money.

OFK isn't about the kids at all. They are all about higher tax revenues to allow for higher spending on all things pride and ego related.

Anonymous said...

Why is Joel Gagne on Julie Feasel's list of Facebook "friends"? Isn't that a conflict of interest? I know Feasel is unethical, but geez--this is just a little overboard, dontcha think?

It's bad enough that Candace Preston Coy was a Facebook "friend" of Feasel's while she was covering the board for ThisWeek, but Joel Gagne, whose company Feasel approves contracts for? Same for Carol Dorne-Bell (whose been on Feasel's Facebook "friends" list forever...but she's a vendor for the district now).

Julie--how can you look in the mirror having that scumbag Gagne listed as your "friend". You know--they guy who made sure that NAPL residents felt "pain"? Why would you associate yourself with such a subhuman?

Anonymous said...

To 6:43PM:

You're talking about someone whose husband received a full-time position and FIVE supplemental positions at Olentangy while she was serving on the Board. She has no conscious, no compunction.

Tracy said...

Olentangy for Children is another responsible olentangy citizen trying the get the message out! We stand together!