Friday, March 11, 2011

Your tax dollars used against you

School districts in Ohio fund the operations of the Ohio School Boards Associations (OSBA). OSBA then turns around and lobbies the state to directly benefit district administrators. This is to be expected since OSBA is run, for the most part, by retired school administrators.

The latest OSBA email reads:

Additionally, after careful review of SB 5, we believe one specific provision would have unintended consequences. The bill would eliminate the authority for school boards to pay the "employee share" of contributions to the school employee and teacher retirement systems. Often, this practice applies only to district administrators. Like adjustments in salaries, school boards have used this tool to mange the overall compensation and benefits package for employees.

This provision could cause changes in compensation that disproportionately affect some employees, but not others. We have asked for this provision to be removed, allowing boards the flexibility to address the issue locally, but requiring the appropriate transparency practices described in other parts of the bill.

In other words, school administrators are using your tax dollars to have OSBA lobby to keep the pickup, and the pickup on the pickup.

The real nonsense is the comment about "appropriate transparency." The whole point of the pickups is to hide compensation from the public.

Have these people no shame?

Note: The OSBA contribution is not listed on the cut plan. No kidding.


Anonymous said...

I'm more troubled by the state dictating what we can and cannot pay for at the local level. I'd rather vote for my local school board then trust someone downtown (or in Washington D.C.) to decide what is best for Olentangy.

How much are the OSBA dues?

Anonymous said...

Using your rationale, then the state has no business dictating ANYTHING to the local rubes. You wouldn't argue that OLSD education policy and goals usurp those of ODE now, would you?

(of course not because you're an apologist).

Shame on residents for not having the time to dig through the layers of district obfuscation to get at information. Most residents only put in 10-12 hours a day outside of the home--they should have the energy to have to sift through the board's and district website to obtain this information.

Every time I tell someone about the pickup and p/u on p/u they are appalled. They look at me like, "you're no serious, right?". When I tell them about the Medicare tax reimbursement, education stipend and other nonsense they're disgusted.

Pickup needs to go.

Anonymous said...

OSBA dues are close to $250K/Year.

And you probably should get involved at the local level and you may change your mind about who votes for what locally.