Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scooped by the ROC: the challenge is on

It appears I still live in the halcyon days of relatively low taxes and reasonable district spending. And so I missed this little nugget found by Responsible Olentangy Citizens: the district -- read taxpayers -- also pickups the administrators' medicare contribution. Wow.

The Anti-Positivist stands corrected. The nonsense just gets worse and worse.

Thanks ROC!

And the challenge is on! The challenge to dispell the need for a new levy.

Note: Remember, even the pickup mentioned above is for the kids -- its all for the kids. At least that is the party line. Soon I will return to how Wade-O's contract is all about the kids.


Anonymous said...

As a countdown to the LEVY someone should take out an ad and publish a portion of Wade's contract each week, ending with the tax-payer- funded ANNUITIES on top of his generous 25% STRS (retirement)fully paid for by the Taxpayers.

Just an idea-

Anonymous said...

I have something better...(hehehehe)

Anonymous said...

11:00- Can't wait.

Jim- Thanks for the underlines.