Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Olentangy Levy: Where's the support?

Last fall, the district commissioned a survey with your tax dollars. What was stated loud and clear is the residents are not supportive of an unneeded levy. Only 36.8% of those surveyed were supportive of a 7.9 mill operating levy and no-additional mills bond levy.

And that support fell when the cost was conveyed to those being surveyed. Even after being made aware of the threatened cuts, 58.5% stated they were less likely to support the issues once the $242 per $100,000 accessed valuation was stated.

First Powell taxpayers defeated their income tax issue. Now it is time for the district taxpayers to stand up against out-of-control district spending.


1. The survey is public record. If you want a copy, request it from the district treasurer.


Anonymous said...

Help us understand the "cuts" that the district is "forced" to do if the May levy fails. If you look at the 5 year forecast the district still has a $3.4mm positive cash balance at the end of FY2012 without making ANY cuts.

First question, could they announce the cuts now but only make them effective starting FY2013 where there is a deficit balance projected? That way they can do a redo in November at a lower millage and not impact the FY2012 year?

Second, could they just cut the personnel at the beginning of FY2012 and leave all the other cuts (like busing and sports) until the second half of FY2012 in the event they have to go back to voters in November? Are they trying to inflict as much pain as possible to get a Yes vote? Other thoughts would be helpful. This would be a good topic to post.

Jim Fedako said...

All is in their power. They are not forced to make any cuts until FY13. And, yes, November is an option. So is next spring, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Prediction...after the levy fails, they will announce the cuts to be effective on x date....then, they will magically find the funds to provide the services they announced they would cut. At that same time, they will announce a lower levy amount for November and say..."see how responsible we are...we saved your buses and you have to support the levy because we really are out of money now".

This is the standard playbook. Cuts won't be made until 7/1/13...if they cut before, it is political suicide!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a Home Stead (discount) for those who don't have children? There's one for seniors 65+.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the district is cultivating support from small, hand-picked groups within the community at secret public meetings that aren't published for the overall community to attend. Love the Letter to the Editor in this week's THIS WEEK asking for Town Hall meetings similar to those conducted in 2008. Better for the district, I suppose, to control the crowd and not give the masses a chance to ask relevant questions in a large public forum.
Don't want to put Wade on the spot do we?

Man up Wade. Do the job you've been hired to do. Be a responsible leader and stop hiding behind the school web site to deliver your side of the story in an environment you can control. Face the heat.

Anonymous said...

8:07 AM

I disagree. The district (admin/board) will inflict as much pain, as quickly as possible to get taxpayers to fall in-line, come November when they put it back on the ballot.

They are radically self righteous in this pursuit so they're spoiling to take the stand--they're really chomping at the bit to do this. They're going to show everyone who's in charge. Make no mistake to believe that they're going to be patient with a reluctant public.

Anonymous said...

If the levy fails- then the entire school district needs to show up on their doorstep demanding that the busing and sports be saved... How could Wadeo then go against the masses?

Anonymous said...

The sheeple of this district will do everything they can to rationalize voting for the levy. Why? Because the newbies are tacky, nouveau riche and it's vulgar to be out of vogue with the neighborhood coffee clatch PTO busy bodies. The cold shoulder of those neighborhood yentas is just too much for most to stomach.