Saturday, March 05, 2011

Olentangy for Kids as readers

My favorite comments (unpublished) are those from folks who say something along the lines of, "You never post negative comments."

Guess what? That's right.

The folks over at OFK have their own website and tens of thousands in cash (much of that coming from businesses that directly benefit from district contracts). And I wouldn't surprised if OFK spends over $50,000 of its ill-gotten money on this campaign.

On top of that, the district runs its own media machine (using our tax dollars, of course) to spin half truths and nonsense. Remember these quotes:

Carole Dorn-Bell (then Olentangy communications director): "I must have cut list."

Joel Gagne (Avakian and Associates, a consultant to Olentangy and New Albany):
"The time for some political pain is way overdue in [New Albany]."

Paul Fallon (Fallon Research, a consultant of Olentangy and New Albany):
"Candidly, I also think you should attempt to cull some private campaign fund dollars to have the ability to test questions in the survey that you do not want to be subjected to the Sunshine Law, because they are publicly-funded."

When they open their sites to folks (like me) who question district spending, then I'll let the OFK foot soldiers comment on my site.

Fair enough?

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