Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olentangy for Kids: Are they breaking the law?

State law permits a political action committee (such as Olentangy for Kids) to use school facilities as long the PAC pays a reasonable fee and allows the meetings to be open to the public.

Has OFK been using district facilities without paying?

According the the district treasurer, there is no record of any such payment to the district.

The story is developing.

Note: OFK volunteers, I hope you hold your organization to the letter of the law.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dimon showed Ianotta how to distribute a memo explaining how to do this.

Anonymous said...

Is this legal? The OFK gave a shout out on their FB site to kids and teacher who helped stuff campaign materials.

Olentangy for Kids
A HUGE shout out to the students and staff at OHS -- over 100 kids and almost 50 teachers helped OFK stuff 1200 Folders for our Volunteers in a record 45 minutes!!! Way to got Olentangy --- We Support our Schools!

Anonymous said...

My kids elementary has display in lobby and in office. Yard signs, buttons, stickers, newsletter of lies!

Anonymous said...

Wade Lucas DID break the law by sending out via district e-mail a letter endorsing OFK. OOPS.

Anonymous said...


Are we sure Dimon retired from the board? His nefarious presence is everywhere this campaign season.