Sunday, March 06, 2011

A nugget from Responsible Olentangy Citizens

According to Responsible Olentangy Citizens, Sue Mahler, OFK core member emeritus, acting as district finance chair, "reported [to the school board] that the sooner we get to this number [student/teacher ratio of 15:1), the sooner OLSD can save millions."

Instead, the district is lowering the ratio in each year of the most-recent five-year forecast.

How do the current heads of OFK spin that little nugget?

Note: Why do the folks at OFK simply fall in line with the Wade Lucas / Julie Feasel nonsense?

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Anonymous said...

Because OFK isn't about the kids. They are about cash generation for the OTA and Administrators.

OFK - Out For Kash!!!

If they cared about the kids, they wouldn't allow Lucas and company to slash everything relevant to education and leave Administration and OTA Contracts completely off the cuts list.