Monday, March 07, 2011

Concerns in the Buckeye State

The Buckeye Institute has a database of the salaries of all public school employees (the Institute has other searchable public employee databases, as well). According to its latest email, these are the top searches for February by district:
Teacher Salary

1. Brecksville-Broadview Heights City (3,594)
2. Columbus City (3,394)
3. Olentangy Local (3,156)
4. Dublin City (2,369)
5. Hilliard City (2,293)

Get the feeling that Olentangy would rather not be number 3 on this list? Wonder why so many people are concerned about district salaries? Hmmm.

Note: The database is not complete, but it is a start. It does not list the value is all benefits, such as the pickup, the pickup on the pickup, etc.


Anonymous said...

Think they'll put that up on OFK?

Notice how former board (manchurian) candidate Mark Ianotta is Treasurer for OFK. Go to the homepage and look at the footer. Glad that shill wasn't elected.

Anonymous said... 1:12 in the commercial is a shot of OLHS's weight room. Their WEIGHT ROOM. It's bigger (and emptier) than the entire gym that I pay $30/mo to work out in. What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you would explain what the pick up on the pickup on the pick up is? I know it relates to the retirement plan contributions, correct?

Anonymous said...

Mark Ianotta was Dave King's treasurer for his BOE Campaign as well. Dave King's campaign was supported by the OTA / Teachers Union.

Go figure that OFK / OTA / OLSD are in bed together and that Mark and his merry band of idiots also own the BOE.

When will OSLD wake up? Perhaps now would be a great time!

Anonymous said...

So what was the rental charge for the Liberty Weight Room in the you tube video???

When was this shot...during school??