Saturday, February 19, 2011

Student/Teacher Ratio and Reality

I just got back from a college visit to a top-ranked conservative school. An interesting statistic was the student/faculty ratio of 16-to-1. Keep in mind Olentangy's student/staff ratio is moving into mid 14's. That alone is a major driver of expense. And a big reason for continuing levy requests.

Should taxpayers be forced to pay for a ratio that is below a top college -- forced to pay for the amount of time that a teacher gets to spend doing something other than teaching?

The halcyon days are past. It's time that we face the reality of ... say ... 2000 (when the Olentangy ratio was around 16-to-1). That's right. If we return to the staffing ratios that existed before the bubble convinced us that we were richer than we now know we are, our tax dollars could remain in our own pockets ... and ... get this ... the students will experience no real difference.


Anonymous said...

Please explain where you get your data that this is the student:teacher ratio. My kids have never been in a class that small in Olentangy through elementary, MS or HS, though I am sure the occasional AP class is that low, or perhaps a special education class. Are you factoring in special education ratios, which must be lower to meet kids' needs? Or are you strictly looking at regular ed. classrooms. I would like to see where that data is coming from and make sure it isn't "spin" that makes those ratios seem so low. In fact, it seems that classes are going the opposite way over the last few years rather getting smaller, but that is just based on my own kids' classes.

Again, if you could please show where you get your info from, I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

If we did that, we could probably forgo opening the new Berkshire MS, saving $8M, by another year until it was really needed due to student population growth.