Sunday, February 20, 2011


Uh, oh. I have competition out there. Good. Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out the best. And RESPONSIBLE OLENTANGY CITIZENS seems like it's headed on the right direction. Stop over and take a look.


Anonymous said...

The Indiana SBE Citizen's Checklist seems to be a very useful guide for determining the true need for a levy.

Anonymous said...

"Ohio ranks 47th in the nation in the share of elementary and secondary education
spending that goes to instruction and ninth in
the share that goes to administration. More
pointedly, Ohio’s share of spending on school district administration (rather than school
administration such as principals) is 49 percent
higher than the national average. It appears
from projections in other states and from
actual experience in Ohio that school district
consolidation, or at the very least more aggressive
shared services agreements between existing
districts, could free up money for classrooms.
So this report urges the state to:
• Make the costs of school district administration
transparent to Ohioans
• Push school districts to enter aggressive shared
services agreements
• Create a BRAC-like commission to mandate best
practices in administration and cut the number
of Ohio’s school districts by at least one-third "

Anonymous said...

Hope you saw the Akron Beacon Journal editorial reprinted in the March 1 Columbus Dispatch: "Other Viewpoints". It details a new report issued last week by Ohio Education Matters, detailing new research and recommendations around shared services:
Towards a New Model of Educational Governance for Ohio:
Near the end, it includes results of a survey of superintendents and principals across Ohio vis-a-vis their use of shared services.