Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vile political doublespeek

A boy is sexually assaulted in a Hilltop library and the library spokeswoman had this to say, "The library is truly a safe place."

Truly a safe place? Can she be serious?

Note: Bad things can happen anywhere. But do you claim the site of the crime "is truly a safe place?" Well, if you work for government, you do. So much for the myths that government keeps folks safe and tells the truth.


Anonymous said...

Considering that chapters of NAMBLA hold meetings at public libraries, and that the ALA DEFENDED THEIR RIGHT TO GATHER IN PUBLIC (but had nothing to say about Fidel Castro's arrest and incarceration of 150 pro democracy librarians) are you surprised that a sexual assault could occur in a library?

I am willing to bet that it happened in the YA section.

Anonymous said...

A good piece on the state of American cultural decline from one righteous Hebrew homey: