Monday, January 10, 2011

The levy calculator over at has a neat, slick user interface. But it is chock-full of material errors, rendering it of little analytical value.

I believe this is the work of the gentleman who created a similar site for Westerville. Regardless, if you are looking to understand the financial issues around the Olentangy levy, is not the place for you.

Note: All is not lost, the site is salvageable. If anyone knows the creator, send him my way and I will list the errors that he needs to correct. With little effort, he could have a usable site.


Anonymous said...

No, Jim--you are mistaken...the calculator does not throw errors: the logic engine of the calculator is based on the Feasel Algorithm, which injects into its outputs random nonsense.

For example, it refuses to recognize saves from delaying building openings--it calculates instead a "delayed cost". Ask it to calculate the superintendent's contract and it will always be the result of 4 x $150,000. It's logic engine also has a supermajority of the board fixed at a factor of three members.

See, Jim. It's not broken--it's just the Feasel Algorithm!

Anonymous said...

it's just the same old rhetoric from OLSD utterly incompetent board

Anonymous said...

I assure all of you loyal AP's that the intention of this site is good. If it is rhetoric, it is because it is based on the district's own 5 year forecast, not because the creator believes in and practices "Feasel Algorithm" himself.

The principal belief behind the website is to show that no matter what we pass on this next levy, 7.9 / 6.9 / 9.9 / etc... it won't matter. If we continue to operate in a business as usual manner, the next levy in three years will require 15 mills or more, which we can all agree will never pass.

So we either cut the hand off now and save the arm or we cut the arm off in three years. The outcome is the same. Major changes are needed.

Jim Fedako said...

Just some tweeks and it will be correct. Better being correct than having it discounted due to errors.

Right now, it does not tell any stry since it can be discounted as in error.