Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paul, Paul, Paul

Paul Lambert of the Hilliard School Board wrote this comment on my prior post:
You're ducking the question. Do you believe the flawed resolution would not have otherwise been addressed?

Do you think it is better to keep the levy off the ballot because of a technicality rather than allow your community to have the debate?

Do you have so little faith in the people of your community that you believe they will make the wrong decision if this levy is put up for a vote?

Paul forgets that the representatives of the community voted on the issue -- the vote was 3-2 for the levy. That a 3-2 vote is not sufficient to pass an permanent operating levy in not a "technicality." It is state law.

Is Paul really stating that the two Olentangy board members only voted against the levy because they believed the issue would pass over their "no" votes?

What does that say about integrity on school boards?

Seems Paul sees little integrity on the Olentangy board. Is Hilliard any different? One wonders.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feasel’s follies

A board president who doesn’t know the number of votes needed to pass board action items. Amazing. Did she forget to pull out her handy-dandy Ohio School Boards Association voting cheat sheet? Or is the desire to cheerlead the next levy simply too overwhelming?

The beauty of the vote is that not only was Feasel flawed, but so were the other former board presidents in the room (can you name them?), as well as the superintendent and treasurer (who, by the way, is the board secretary and parliamentarian).

Note: You got to wonder what else is going on at the board and district.

Paul Lambert defends the team

Does he really comb through the minutes of every Ohio school board meeting looking for voting errors, etc? Or is Olentangy something special to him? Regardless, Lambert should be minding his own business -- his Hilliard business, not defending property tax increases in our district.

Note: I always suspected that Lambert wanna-be was tax consumer. I just wish he would consume Hillard taxes and leave us alone.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A 50% increase in 4 years

7.9 mills in 2011 will make a 50% increase in district property tax rates for operating mills in only 4 years. A 50% increase?!? Are they mad, or just arrogant?

Or both? Hmmm.