Sunday, June 20, 2010

Olentangy does the impossible

According to the latest Board Business, "During the 2009-10 school year, the district reduced its budget by more than $10.2 million over the next four years."

Did you get that?

In the last school year the district reduced its budget (a one year document) by more than $10.2 million over the next four years.

Olentangy does the impossible with the help of doublespeak. It's 1984 all over again.


Anonymous said...

Yeah--I'm seizing the credit now for that Bentley and yacht I was going to buy in two or three years. I saved my family $10.2MM, too--where's my adulation?

If I pay for a $10,000 glossy mailing so every resident in the district learns of my preemptive saving do you think I'll get the credit I deserve?

Wade-O: Master of Smoke and Mirrors
Board: Willing Enablers
OFK/PTA Drones: Useful Idiots
Public: Non Interested

Put these all together and you have a failing district within a decade.

Anonymous said...

Let's do something that seems to escape the district administration and public: some math.

2010 - 2013 expenses: $620MM

$10.2MM of "saves" (purported)

That's 1.6% of the total budget. Huh?

Repeat: the administration could only come up with cost reductions totaling 1.6% of the $620MM four year-budget. Er--excuse me--FORECAST. Yes--anything beyond 2010 is FORECAST, not BUDGET. And forecasts are SWAGS (Scientific Wild-@ss Guesses). They mean NOTHING.

(back to the math lesson)

There were 30,856 tax filings in OLSD, in 2008. That means...

Each taxpayer can expect a whopping $83 in savings per year!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?

The cost reductions that I keep getting those expensive mailings on total less than 2% of total spending?

(...looking for my pitchfork...)

Wow--the school district is really doing it's part to not come back to us for more money. For a minute there I thought they were just caught distorting reality.

But they really are geniuses. They have pioneered a discipline entirely new to the world: nanofinance. Our brilliant superintendent and administrators have developed a technique to surgically cut cost at the molecular level. A penny-and-a-half reduction on the dollar takes enormous skill to pull off--cut too much and it goes to two pennies; cut less and it's only one penny. But, to achieve cuts of 1.6 pennies per dollar is quite amazing.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, each household will not see a check in the mail for $83.00 because the district will keep it for a post levy slush fund!

Maybe they should worry about the 1 year increase in remediation that is up 6% according to the 2010 Bd of Regents Report for 2008 graduates. Yep...40% of OLSD graduates that attend public universities or colleges have to take remedial math or English!

Anonymous said...


Good points. The district confuses "saves" and "cost avoidance". I bet those in the administration and board involved in this have no idea what the difference between the two are (why does the finance committee allow them to get away with this deceit?). Regardless, what they're doing cannot be considered real (ie. "green") saves unless they are rebated to the community; this in order to bake them OUT of the budget. Otherwise, what proof exists that these budget items were not merely reclassed to other Objects? Tracking these "saves" from forecast, to budget, to subsequent five year forecast, to subsequent budget is impossible-- which is not lost on the sophists who are creating this smoke and mirrors.

The whole thing is a shell game, and our kids are the ones who lose.