Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, come on!

According to the latest Olentangy mailing, "The dedicated volunteers of Olentangy's SCHOOL FUNDING ACTION COMMITTEE work to express the concerns of the community and board regarding the state's school funding system."

Dedicated? Oh, come on! The committee has only met once in three years.

Here's a tidbit from the minutes of the committee's last meeting (March 2010), "Scott Galloway added that there is a hole in the budget and it needs to be filled with economic development to help our tax base and take some of the pressure off the taxpayers."

Sure there is a big and growing hole in the budget. District employees are still getting over 6% salary increases (on average) in an economy that is struggling at best.

Why doesn't Scott reduce the budget to take pressure off of taxpayers? Why? Well, he would rather whine than represent the taxpayers. So, instead, he is chasing development that just won't happen.

And then he and the assorted district sycophants will blame the state via their resurrected dog-and-pony show -- the School Funding Action Committee.

These folks are amazing.


Anonymous said...

...but we have all of this "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act"-paid construction going on all around us. You can't have economic development without a sound infrastructure, right? So, I think Scott's on to something here.

Maybe Scott and the board and administration could then get Olentangy rezoned as a "Special Economic Zone", or "Inner-City Economic Zone", or whatever fashionable title they've given those privileged enclaves that suffer ("benefit from") having low populations of producers.

If the state can designates OLSD academically as "Excellent with Distinction" while 36% of our students require college remediation, then the state can also designate us "Economically Disadvantaged with Distinction" with the community possessing a median household income of $107,000.

Scott can represent the district on this while Tiberi takes the handoff and goes to Cap Hill to get the federal loot.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the remediation is now up to 40% with the class of 2008! Ms. Wagner's "blip on the radar screen" appears to be a major problem!

Anonymous said...

Yeah--a blip that has lingered for many years. Are you kidding me? --She really called it that...


Excellent With Distinction--yeah--with 4-in-10 graduates needing to retake high school level math and/or English. You've gotta love the state.

Anonymous said...

Olentangy just wants us taxpayers to paid 100% to fund the school. It is coming soon. There is nothing we can do about it. When it comes to schools, police, fire, levies will always pass. People are crazy !!!

Anonymous said...


Fund SCHOOLS--you are absolutely correct.

What the uninvolved masses in the district don't do is differentiate "schools" from "education".

So much funding has nothing to do with education; it's mostly just money poured into the schools for the benefit of the adults running them. Education is purely incidental to the labors of the adults to be paid the most they can, while doing the least work they can get away with.

OLSD is in big, big trouble in the next decade. But Wade-O and his crew don't care--he'll be long retired by then, or close enough to it not give a damn.