Monday, May 10, 2010

Pat Tiberi v. the (supposed) Greater Evil

The Proposition:

It is better to have voted for Tiberi than the (supposed) greater evil who ran against him in the last election.

The Flaw:

My singular vote has no real effect on a congressional election – a singular vote never does. Keep in mind that there has not been an election that Tiberi won by one vote (no Congressman ever has won by just one vote). So, regardless who I voted for in the last election, Tiberi would still be in Congress. Therefore, my singular vote (if I vote) had (and has) no real effect, whatsoever.

In addition, Tiberi has never been the deciding vote on any issue that is important to me. Had the (supposed) greater evil been elected, life today would be the same. With or without Tiberi, we would still have TARP, the Bailout, ObamaCare, etc. Therefore, Tiberi is of no consequence, whatsoever.

It amazes me how many people inflate the impact of their personal vote. And it amazes me how many people will vote for Tiberi even though he voted for TARP and the Bailout (in the face of an overwhelming majority of constituents opposing that vote). He voted and voters said, “I’ll never vote for him again.” Yet, they will vote for Tiberi again because they fear the (supposed) greater evil running against him, inflating the impact of their own vote along the way.

Look, your vote will not change the end result of any election. But if you vote for Tiberi in the next election, you will be making a public statement that you support folks who supported TARP, the Bailout, etc. And you will be empowering Tiberi (and his ilk) to continue playing you as the fool.

Ironically, there is a Dispatch web-only letter to the editor by someone who wants RomneyCare (a neighbor of mine, actually -- a nice guy, but a useful idiot of the state, nonetheless). The writer likes Tiberi since Tiberi desires nationalized health care – though, a lower cost, Republican version (an oxymoron).

Of course, this is true. Call Tiberi’s office and his staffers will set you straight. Tiberi believes that health care is a right and that government must run health care. In addition, to keep costs low, government must run our lives in totality – the paternal and maternal state (fascialism).

In the end, is this any different from Obama, ObamaCare, and any (supposed) greater evil running against Tiberi?


Your vote has no impact on an election. It is simply a statement of your core beliefs – you just add a tick to the column of one of the candidates, but never tip the scale in anyone’s favor. If you vote for Tiberi, be certain that you understand he holds your values in contempt. He will vote your liberties away the first chance he gets – which makes him the same as the (supposed) greater evil..

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