Thursday, May 27, 2010

The plan to destroy this nation

Bree Picower, from New York University, defines the plan to meld the Three R's into Marxian social change. -- Jim


Anonymous said...

"this paper explores how challenges like 'mandated curriculum', 'high stakes-testing' created a difficult context for new teachers to stay true to their vision of social justice, and explores the strategies they developed to negotiate those challenges".

"Mandated" curriculum and testing are obstacles to teaching social justice. Measurement of success, of course, is not by concepts learned, but emotions and empathy developed (for a particular advocacy, of course).

Watch this video and then try to say, "but this isn't MY district".

But it is. It's the "La Migra" lesson in OLSD taught for the sole purpose of teaching "empathy" (stated as such by the teacher, herself). This teacher circumnavigated "mandated curriculum" to teach this social justice nonsense--and then was recommended a life contract by the person who is now this district's Director of Curriculum.

You don't have to look so far to see radicalism. It's right here, in OLSD.

Google on this to find the Dispatch article on it: "Students struggle as immigrants do".

Anonymous said...

Steve Wynn unhinged. Who'da thunk it that a casino owner could be so sage?

Top clip, worth every second of the five minutes.

Anonymous said...

"destroy this nation" and "Marxian"? Jim, quit being so melodramatic.

Not everyone on the Left is a Marxist. There are many philosophers on the Left and quite a few disagree with Marx. I know you like to throw that buzz word out to strike fear in your fellow Libertarians but it is really intellectually sloppy on your part. I expect that laziness from conservative politicians but for some reason I expect more from you, silly expectation I guess.

Jim Fedako said...

10:41 --

You may not realize this, but Marxism today goes beyond Marx of the 1800's.

This is cultural Marxism. Listen to the talk and focus on the key words she uses (liberation, critical pedogogy, etc.) and research their roots.

It is Marxism, albeit cultural Marxism. But Marxism nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

"destroy this nation" and "Marxian"? Jim, quit being so melodramatic.

You're kidding, right?

It's already destroyed--it'll just take another generation and 20 more years to play out.