Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Marx is not all wrong"

Not my quote. And it isn't from my good friends over at Marxists.org. The quote is actually from a recent edition of Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education -- published by Columbia University's Teachers College, the ideological center of public education.

While economic Marxism is gone (or hidden behind the veil of Keynesianism), cultural Marxism is alive and well in most colleges and universities, along with all public schools.

Who else believes this nonsense:

The second reason is that Marx is not all wrong. Workers have become alienated from what they produce.

It's 2010 and Marx's theory of worker alienation is being championed by the teachers of teachers over at Columbia University.

And all that effort and indoctrination is not going to waste. Your child's teacher is reading this nonsense and saying, "I better include that in my next lesson plan."

And she will.


liberranter said...

Workers have become alienated from what they produce.

This of course prompts the following question: How would any public school teacher or college professor know this? It's a safe bet that not one of them has ever been a "worker" or ever "produced" anything in their adult lives.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Marx is not all wrong. To ridicule that statement either shows you have not studied Marx or you are so politically indoctrinated that you cannot rationally analyze his writings.

Also remember in that statement, "Marx is not all wrong", it does not say that Marx is entirely correct either.

Jim Fedako said...

1:50 --


Of course Marx was not all wrong. He was aligned with the classical school of economics, after all.

But writers typically quote Smith or Ricardo instead of Marx -- unless the writer is a Marxist at heart (as I assume you are).

Had you read the article, you would have noted where the writer found fault with Marx. Did you bother reading it?

By the way, note my link to Marxist.org before making nonsensical either/or propositions -- or is that just an example of Marxian polylogism?

Your fallacies are telling.

Anonymous said...

check out this Che wannabe "revolutionary" L.A. high school teacher. If he worked in the OLSD he'd be given a life contract.

good stuff:


In fact, this guy is all over YouTube blabbing on a host of Marxist ideals. Very entertaining: