Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dave Yost gets it right ... well, almost

It's not just the feds who want to poke waistlines, it's also his Republican party (including senate president Harris and former house speaker Husted). Regardless, Yost is correct with this post.
A "shovel-ready" program: Hamilton County Gets $6.7 million for War on Obesity

The federal government thinks you're too fat, so they're giving your money away to bureaucrats to make it easier for you to eat right and exercise. In the name of stimulating the economy, Congress is stretching Constitution's Commerce Clause farther than America's collective waistline.

press release announcing the grants said that the money "will provide communities with the resources to create healthy choices for residents."

The notion that either the federal government or local communities can "create healthy choices" is an amazing idea. Choices exist as a function of liberty, which is not created by government.
In this case, we already had healthy choices, not created by the federal government. Reach for an apple instead of the Doritos. Get up off the couch.

The press release went on to say that the federal money will create choices by "increasing availability of healthy foods and beverages" and "improving access to safe places for physical activity." How, precisely, this will work, and why it is the business of the federal government, is left unsaid.

Hamilton County received a $6.7 million grant -- part of $230 million in stimulus funds shoveled out to 30 communities around the country for the obesity war. (Who knew that the obesity war was "shovel ready"?) Hamilton County got the only Ohio grant - begging the question of whether the rest of the State is sufficiently trim for the taste of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The obesity war is part of a program called Communities Putting Prevention to Work. The CPPW also includes $30 million for the media - to "foster effective and hard-hitting prevention and wellness messages and advertisements."

Now, it's a good idea to be fit. It's just not the federal government's job to make us so. Perhaps more importantly, we're out of money.

This is going to be paid for with borrowed money, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We've got enough pseuo-wars going on, but let's start one more: What American needs now is a War on Debt.

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