Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teri Meider gets a job

And we all pay.

Seems the current board was feeling magnanimous at its last meeting, so it decided to give former board member Teri Meider an opportunity to continue living on the public dole.

Does Kerr need an "executive secretary?" Do the taxpayers? What about the kids?

Remember, it's all for the kids.

Any idea on the next board member (former or present) to have a hand in your wallet?

Note: These folks are supposed to be working for the taxpayer, not setting up jobs for their spouses and themselves. Talk about conflicts of interest.


Anonymous said...

And look at who else is scoring the bling

Eddy,␣Elaine␣K.,␣Olentangy␣Local␣Schools,␣Lifetime␣Fitness␣1␣Instructor␣at␣$2,662 Eddy,␣Elaine␣K.,␣Olentangy␣Local␣Schools,␣Lifetime␣Fitness␣2␣Instructor␣at␣$2,662

Elaine Eddy - OTA President - is getting paid to teach a summer fitness class. Another $5K down the drain for 12 kids to take "gym class."

Remember this when the next levy is on the table. The same jokers who want your money only want it to line the(ir) pockets of those they care about most.... and it isn't the kids!

Well done Julie! Well done. Score one for your old friend and board mate, Teri Meider, who couldn't even stay awake during board meetings, let alone hold a cohesive thought process.

Only the best for Ol enTangy Loco Schoooooos!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Oh-Lintangy Loco Skoooooos.

And you forgot the agenda item of $100,000 for a ce-ment pond* for Wade-O Clampett.

*This is a joke, of course. No one infers, implies or accuses the district of spending money to build a "cement pond" (redneck reference for "pool"). Although I could imagine that Wade-O Clampett would just LOVE to have a catfish pond over yonder between the football field and Shanahan, and a mechanical bull in his office.


Maximum Embarrassment For Every Resident

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Wade-O ordered Keith Pomeroy to take Microsoft Windows off his computer and install "Mikersoft Winders"?

"Hey Keith--how d'ya git this dang ParPawnt and Werrrrd to work???".

Anonymous said...

Wow, the true nature of Jim's followers comes out.

Hopefully I've taught my children to have better manners than this crowd.

Jim Fedako said...

11:14 --

I've struggled with the tone myself.

My question to you is this: Are you teaching your kids that voting money out of someone else's wallet is justified?

Anonymous said...


Hopefully you have taught your children about ethics and morality, because they aren't learning that from leadership in OLSD.

Jim's "followers"...let's say readers, are intelligent, articulate people who use their wit to mock the system that most choose to ignore by putting their heads in the sand. Their sensational analysis is obvious in that it is intended to invoke a reaction or wake up the uniformed.

Jim...can you tell 11:14 that most of us do indeed have manners that probably exceed theirs?

Have a nice day...look forward to seeing you tomorrow night as you support more inane actions of the OLSD Bored(stet)of Education!

Anonymous said...

I teach my children that there is a cost to being part of society and our actions and involvement are allow us to shape the society we live in.

Anonymous said...


You talk about our manners yet say nothing about the district's lack of fiscal responsibility regarding Life Time Fitness OR that Terri is taking a job in the district four/five months after she approved benefits that impact the very job she is taking.

Apparently neither of these topics stirs a valid response from you. Rather, you deflect the topic back on the readers as being poor mannered. Nice try at redirection.

Your nature has come out in your post. I hope that I've taught my children to be a truely independant and responsible citizens, unlike the socialist that you and the district leaches have become.

Jim Fedako said...

10:35 --

No, you teach your children that if they garner enough political power, the cost of society (the benefits that your children receive) will be paid by their neighbors.

And this you call ethical.

Anonymous said...

Typical Districtista: Prize the frivolous over the substantive.

The pick-pocket is given a pass because he didn't socially offend; the victim is vilified for having vocally ostracized the pick-pocket.

I don't struggle with the tone here. It's actually KIND considering the wholesale deception and legalized theft that is perpetrated by school districts. District spending is an outrage and many in the administration deserve to be run out of town.

Hey Wade-O: you're trimming stray threads off a dress and calling yourself a tailor. Start making structural changes to expenses NOW before we tank. You're deferring increases on the margins, which is silly. It's not serious. Get serious.

But, being a Districtista, you'll never find the spine to make any real changes. You'll accept the CD Bell model of extortion by having your "cuts" list of busing, sports and other programming in order to preserve your and yours' precious, obscenely generous pay and benefits.

Continue to call these people out for what they are with as much bellicosity as is fit to post.

Anonymous said...

"I teach my children that there is a cost to being part of society and our actions and involvement are allow us to shape the society we live in."

I teach my children that the cost of being irresponsible impacts not only themselves, but also their siblings and parents.

Why can't district employees understand that their greed will soon result in reduced educational opportunities for my children?

Maximum Contempt For Every Student and Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Teri got her job! And she was the most qualified applicant!! (that's if you count effusive praising and pom-pom skills "qualifications")

This administration is becoming a theater of the bizarre.