Thursday, April 22, 2010

Julie Feasel insults former superintendent Davis

Julie Feasel is quoted in this week's edition of the OVN as stating that the district's new superintendent Lucas is "a breath of fresh air for the school district."

In her quest to be the consummate rhetorician, did she realize that her compliment to Lucas was also a backhand slap to Davis?

What was the stale air under Davis?

Feasel? Do you want to expound?

Note: Of course, Feasel is not really insulting Davis. She is simply showing how simple she is.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. It's a breath of fresh air...from the foot hills of Appalacia.

That "fresh air" has turned Olentangy Local Schools into "Oh-Lintangy Loco Skooooooos".


Anonymous said...

Stupidity seems to be a shared trait of principals at ALL public school districts.

Anonymous said...

breath of fresh air. Maybe one can explain why select few get transported to special needs schools in am only & not why not rest kids in district. On the other hand rumor has it district is transporting non resident students to homes in other districts due to unfortunate circumstances. Would this be free public service?

Anonymous said...


A rumor is a rumor....until you have proof, don't post it on here. Get the records request to find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to check the records had Lucas not have sent two deputies to my house last fall to order me off school property. Said actions resulted in an emrgency squad visit & undue stress to my special needs son along with my family.Amazingly when I reqyested my records there is nothing in file. Maybe buss 77 knows something,maybe not.I know for fact bus 20 does transport morning only to Marburn with select few students while the rest of studentss from district were deemed impractical.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she meant that hiring Teri Meider to work for Andy Kerr would continue our sense of community and it is so kind of WadeO to hire the unemployed ex school board member because, "It's all for the kids".

What a bunch of crooks!!!!

Jim Fedako said...

8:01 --

You are joking about Meider. Right?

Anonymous said...

See, the air was not fresh enough from Granville or Olmstead Falls.

Despite those districts having top-shelf superintendents--and high achievement to back it up--the air was surprisingly fresher from Green Local, in Wayne County, where it was directed by wind from Morgan County, right to OLSD. This co-mingling of Wayne and Morgan County air began with Cohort VIII in the Ed.D program at Seton Hall University.

"The board didn't feel good with the candidates from the first search" Feasel said.

That sentiment certainly could not have been for lack of credentials. The two finalists from the first search were, as Dimon liked call his secret, hand-selected candidates, "thoroughbreds":

Scot Prebles, Granville: PI 106, "Excellent with Distinction"

Todd Hoadley, Olmstead Falls: PI 104, "Excellent with Distinction"

Instead, the board 86'd those two, ideal candidates and instead hired a pack mule:

Wade Lucas, Green Local: PI 98, "Effective"

Why did the board settle with an undistinguished, cajoling jock over two supremely qualified and accomplished candidates? Was it because Prebles or Hoadley did not have the cache of being a good friend of Scott Davis?

The article continues, "...adding that Lucas is a good fit for Olentangy", Feasel said, "It was the right move to make".

Anonymous said...

8:01 is not kidding.

Page 4, bottom. Andy Kerr's new secretary: Teri Meider

Maximum Employment For Every Former Board Member.

Anonymous said...

Wade-O's claim to fame: "Coshocton Bucks"--a program for buying passing grades from students. It wasn't even his idea--he just administrated it.

"It was the right move to make", huh?

A guy whose most notable achievement was administrating a program that purchased passing grades from students at an "Effective" school district of 2,000 students. Green Local is transparent to this equation because he was there--what--a year and a half? He barely got to know his employees before he bolted for Oh-Lintangy Loco Skooooooos. Wade-O's career was with Coshocton --a district of 2,000 students that was rated "Effective", and arguably owes any incremental improvement during his tenure to a cash incentives-program created by a local businessman to buy passing grades, that was set up by an economics professor at Case Western (now at Stanford). All it appears that Wade-O did was act as the programs PR rep and dole out the cash.

From the St. Petersburg Times (yes, FLORIDA):

"In Coshocton, more than 90 percent of students earn money, with the average payout last year (2006) coming to $74."

"Now, every year, eight of 16 classes in the four targeted grades are picked at random during the district's academic pep rally. As students cheer, the superintendent reaches into a lottery-style numbers machine...'We start pulling out the ping-pong balls, the place goes crazy,' Lucas said."

They called it an "academic pep rally", when it's really an "extort grades for cash" party.

I'd joke that "ping pong ball lottery" was how Wade-O was chosen, but his being here is no joke. I'm sure he's a likable guy, but, let's face it--he's no "thoroughbred".

He's just lucky enough to be Davis's buddy.

Anonymous said...

Meider ---- employed by the district? CERTAINLY!

We only hire the best at OLSD.

LOL! The best slackers!

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Wade-O Clampett will create a "Psuedo-Faux Fiscally Conservative Assistant Budget Officer" position for Scott Galloway when he leaves the board.

Seriously--when does it stop? Of the six current and recently departed board members, four now have financial ties to the district:
- Mr. Julie Feasel is an employee
- Galloway's wife is now an employee
- King's architecture firm does business with the district (correct me if I am mistaken)
- Now Meider will be an employee

And then there's Andy Kerr, who was a board member.

C'mon. This is getting ridiculous.

"Maximum Employment For Every Board Member Or Their Spouses".

It's all for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sunday a great news day?

WSJ Op-Ed piece on the NJ Gov. Christie school levy rebellion:

Public Sector largesse:

Anonymous said...

I love this quote from Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey: "There are two classes of citizens in New Jersey: those who enjoy rich public benefits and those who pay for them.”

[Substitute "New Jersey" with the state of your choice and it's still accurate]

Anonymous said...

OLSD is a pension provider that provides baby sitting on the side.

Anonymous said...

You think Teri can stay awake for 8 hours a day? She had a tough time doing it for 4 hours a month!

Anonymous said...

I attended six meetings last year and she had the nods in three of them.

That poor pea brain just got overloaded after 20-30 minutes, or there weren't any opportunities to vote "YES!" or hear herself speak and her poor pea brain became bored.

Now The Kids are fortunate enough to have the talents of that pea brain for just $xx,xxx, cadillac health care and 25% retirement benefits!

Anonymous said...

Everytime i sing the song Harper Valley PTA think time for new recording

Anonymous said...

guess like game of dominoes.line up all your friends so when one goes down they all do

Anonymous said...

This is pretty common. At the school we used to pay taxes to in Fairfield County the treasurer's cousin sat on the board. That cousin was a retired school teacher. Another board member had a wife who was a school teacher and a mother who had been a school teacher. Those three were, ahem, thick as thieves. Also at that time a woman was elected to the board who later, with her husband, was indicted for stealing a large some of money from Children's Hospital. Her fellow board members rallied around her. Then the board was embroiled in a legal matter concerning breaking the Sunshine Laws. Fortunately for them the judge hearing the case was a good friend of retired-teacher board member. Same old same old.

Anonymous said...

What I didn't add was many of the other board members then and now who either worked as school teachers at other schools, had spouses working at that school as teachers, that the superintendent's daughter was a teacher, married to a teacher. The whole set-up was so incestuous and crooked and you could not believe anything anyone told you. They all covered for each other. Even the woman who drove a school bus and oversaw the other drivers was part of the clique. Like all their compatriots in politics everywhere.

Anonymous said...

no no no... this is all for the kids! Come on, get with the program and vote yes on the next 400 levies. Your kids depend on it!

Anonymous said...

Wow--are they still serving? If not, then bring 'em on over to Oh-Lintangy--they'd fit right in on this crooked school board.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who lives in Toms River, NJ and this is what they're going through with their superintendent. FBI raided central office and his house.

What's up with these superintendents?

Anonymous said...

sadly to say maybe the cowards r those n district who wont take stand.wonder what would happen if parents decided to carpool,boycot sports etc. and back them in corner.yes we all want best for our children but at this expense to pocket the leaders.does the public gain anything for this.what do we teach our children.cheaters win or do the honest people

Anonymous said...

It's not gonna happen. Not until the full effect of expenses rising at twice the rate of revenues crowds good will out of the community's collective consciousness, and they begin to REPEATEDLY vote down levies (I don't see that happening for years). Until then the community will let them continue to gorge on cake.

In my daughter's backpack yesterday was a taxpayer-paid PTO flyer announcing (paper, printing and thick manila envelope) that read, "It's Time to Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7".

Here's the agenda for the teachers (it's really "for the kids", of course):
Monday 5/3: Kickoff Breakfast
Tuesday 5/4: Dessert/snack bar THROUGHOUT THE DAY (my emphasis)
Wednesday 5/5: Massages (yes, MASSAGES)
Thursday 5/6: Catered lunch
Friday 5/7: Teacher/Staff Gift from all Arrowhead Parents, Pictures from students, Flowers, and $10 gift cards

On the bottom it requests volunteers to:
- Watch the classrooms in order "to allow the teachers to get a 15 minute massage
- Work lunch duty so no teachers/staff have to miss lunch (oh, dear--like I don't eat lunch at my desk EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!?)
- Teacher Gift (donate a $10 gift card by Mon 5/3)
- Write a $2,500 check to cover the incremental cost of the next levy (haha--I made this up...but it's really no laughing matter, is it?)

All of this to celebrate the staff of the lowest achieving school in the district. Hooray!!!!!

When is the district going to recognize "College Remediation Week" and rebate affected graduates the thousands of dollars in college tuition it's going to cost to re-teach them high school math and English?

Anonymous said...

Another announcement that canine drug-searches will be conducted at Olentangy Liberty, "beginning in the next couple of weeks". Gee--so he's saying to the druggies, "get your stash out of your lockers now, and keep it out until the end of the school year (another month).

And Raiff is going to be our next "Executive" Director of Curriculum? Get real. Another Wade-O flunky, that's what he is.

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing drug searches in the Olentnagy district. Certainly we dont have that problem. lol.Considering the leaders maybe drugs or at least prescribed ones are needed to deal with the crap.Now pay for drugs or vote yes for more spending

Anonymous said...

I just found out that family coverage for district employees is $144 per month--MONTH--and everything is a $10 co-pay (office visits and medications).

Poor, selfless, underpaid teachers and administrators. They're entitled to all of this because they care oh so much for The Kids.

Anonymous said...

Does this stuff happen with home schoolers, or in Charter schools? (not a serious question, of course. the answer is "are you kidding?") ?

This only happens in the asylums known as Public Schools.

Anonymous said...

Maybe newbie on Board can explain how many transportation vans r in use. Wow use big bus to transport 1 child to charter school when far more live in district who attend school there & denied & two other charter schools in close proximity. guess transportation computer cant plan feasible route and fill a bus

Anonymous said...

Your figure is inaccurate; they pay twice that. I have said it before and I will say it again. I never hear teachers complaining about their pay, but it sure makes a nice rallying cry for those who are looking for someone to dump on. I am sure some teachers do complain about salary, just as some private sector folks do, but I know a lot of teachers and I never hear them complain about their pay.

Jim Fedako said...

9:58 --

Nonsense. Absolute nonsense.

What is you experience with a teacher union negotiation?

I'll answer it for you: none.