Thursday, March 18, 2010

Julie Feasel: Her only ethic is your tax dollars

According to the latest Board Business, Feasel doesn't care what the state and its schools do to your kids ... as long as she gets your tax dollars. Some ethic? -- Jim

Note: I assume Galloway was still licking his wounds from the thrashing his party gave him. How can he even show his face anymore?

The pertinent section:
Finally, Feasel shared an update related to Ohio Senate Bill (SB) 210 and House Bill (HB) 373, also known as the Childhood Obesity Bill. Feasel is anticipating amendments to the bills next week that would require school districts to increase their daily requirements for rigorous activity for all high school students to 30 minutes per day. In addition, the bills would require school districts to track their students’ body mass index (BMI) and report the results to the Ohio Department of Health. The results would also be included in the Ohio Department of Education’s annual academic report card for each district. Feasel said she is not against gym classes, but does not want another state requirement that does not provide appropriate funding for the district. (emphasis mine)


Anonymous said...


Oh, as for Julie? Moronic.

Anonymous said...

I love listening to her in the audio blather on and on about statehouse goings on, as if she's some kind of player on Cap Square who has influence.

Hey Julie: get over yourself. You're not that important, and legislators are really not listening to you. You speak and they hear Charlie Brown's teacher, but two octaves higher.

Anonymous said...

The Assembly might not listen to her...but they'll take the free hot dogs she is offering!!

Anonymous said...

Feasel is correct on this. The state should not be mandating anything without also providing funding. If you don't want the state to mandate anything period, yell at them. Feasel is not saying to increase gym classes absent a state mandate.

Anonymous said...

She is SO positioning for a run at public office. She's another Hillary Clinton, but only half as smart.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Money. Everything always comes down to money. This is not a big suprise, the school will add it to the next levy so the taxpayers can pick it up.

Anonymous said...

7:04 PM

The only run in Feasel's future is in her pantyhose.

I've heard her get nailed fudging facts in the board room and she's so "deer in the headlights" that I almost feel sorry for her. She couldn't handle the mano-a-mano of a political campaign. And good luck ducking the issues and the other candidates like she did in her vanity board campaign.

No way the GOP candidate would let that fly.

It would be entertaining to watch her flip and flounder on the issues, though!

Anonymous said...

Julie's FOR expanding mandates so long as they are funded. Who funds them? You guessed it, the tax payer. No matter if it is "state funding" or "local property taxes" the result is the same. Increased taxes on local citizens.

More gym classes? I don't think that's the answer. Parents who won't allow their kids to sit around playing Wii or PS3 and those who stop dining on fast food every night is the answer. However, allowing the government to mandate maximum hours of video game playing time through statutes isn't the answer (so don't even go there Kasich / Strickland / O'Bama).

Personal responsibility. Come get some!

Fed Up Federal Government
Lewis Center, Ohio

Anonymous said...

what she expects the state to listen to her when she does not listen to concerned citizens at board meetings. go figure