Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scott Galloway thanks himself

Good ol' Galloway. One minute he's pushing for another tax increase, the next minute he's calling himself a fiscal conservative.

Then there is this tidbit from The Delaware Gazette:
Reached Tuesday, Olentangy School Board member Scott Galloway, who is also the county Republican Party’s executive committee chair, said he was “strongly considering” a run for the commissioner seat, and that he would make a final decision in the near future.

“I’m honored to have my name in consideration,” he said.
Galloway throws his name in the hat for consideration as a replacement for Todd Hanks ... and then is honored that his name is in the hat. Amazing stuff.

With actions like that, Galloway would make a spot-on replacement.


Anonymous said...

Gallowaste is as "fiscally conservative" as Hanks is honest.

Two people who should never be allowed to hold public office.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative registered republican in Delaware county...i can't wait to put his Democratic opponents sign in my yard and work toward their election.....just like Galloway did in the School Board election.

Hey reap what you sew! You better hope your ego wins this election...cause your personality won't!

Anonymous said...

Gallowaste has a personality?

Yeah--next you'll try to tell us he has charisma, too.

Anonymous said...

or a spine!

Anonymous said...

or an IQ above 8.

Anonymous said...

When Hanks told Terri Morgan that he was stepping down, did Terri say, "Get the Gimp!"?

Anonymous said...


No--this isn't a post scriptum to my last post.

I just wanted to include that Galloway is a Profligate Spender.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations is in order for the honorable Scott Galloway. You see, after being so honored to have his name in the hat, he decided to take his name out of the hat. After recieving 16% vote from the Delaware County Central Committee, he decided to drop out of the race "for the good of the Republican party."

Rumor has it he is talking with the Delaware County Democratic Party Chair. He is hopeful that they will endorse him as his tax and spend style is better suited for the other side of the aisle.

Run away Scott. You are a RINO and not even your own peers find you appealing. If you indeed did stump for Democratic candidates for the school board, the retribution you are experiencing from your own party is poetic justice.