Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sara Marie Brenner: just another fascialist

Brenner hates the Democrats. Why? Because they're in power.

The Democrats and the Republicans are the US version of Stalin and Trotsky -- each believing in the same ideology and the same end, but simply fighting over who leads the way.

Brenner attacks Obama's health care plan (I can't call Obama's wicked nonsense reform). Why? Because Obama's plan is an unconstitutional power grab by the political class? Nope. Brenner attacks Obama's plan for one reason only -- it's not Brenner's plan.

You see, Brenner is smart -- borderline omniscient. So she has crafted her own health care plan, including this nugget: Reform medicaid to allow more people to be covered by it, and get rid of the waste in it. More people covered? Isn't that Obama's plan? Get rid of waste? Like that will ever happen.

The truth is that both the Democrats and the Republicans truly believe that government should run health care. Their only quibble -- which, in spite of all the Strum and Drang, is truly a quibble -- is how fast and who wins.

Hey, Powell! You have a real winner on city council.

note: Of course, the taxpayers lose in the end. But you knew that already.


Anonymous said...

She so wants to be Sarah Palin. It is as if she's studied her every move. Brenner is a pure politician, and not pure in the sense that we would all like her to be.

Anonymous said...

Dubbing her a "fascialist" is a little harsh, Jim, although I respect that you do it under your own name.

This whole thing begs the question though: why does it matter what a Powell city councilwoman thinks about health care reform? Is council voting on that matter soon? Is that why they want to raise the income tax?

Jim Fedako said...

9:47 --

What term would you use? And read her post before responding.

Jim Fedako said...

9:47 --

And no question was begged. It was raised.

It's a nit, but a bothersome nit for me (read this post).

Anonymous said...

It does matter what SMB thinks about issues. She should not post them if she does not want to critiqued. If she puts it out there for her own gain, than she must realize that it is also out there for her own detriment. It is a proverbial double edged sword.

Her ideas on one issue will show her learning on another. If she supports a fiscally unwise idea nationally, the same could be expected locally; or at least suspect. I suspect she posted it without thinking about how it fits into her political rhetoric.

And as a member of Central Committee, she plays a role in steering the county. Not to mention her close association with Pat Tiberi. The leadership she aspires to causes concern for her political decisions and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Columbus Council on World Affairs. I would like to know what SMB knows about that organization, what they are about and why she is/was part of it? Please tell us, Sara.