Friday, November 06, 2009

Hanks stepped in a mess ... and it stinks

Poor Todd, this stench will not easily wash off. I have to ask: What other activities is Todd engaging to "make ends meet"? Hmmm. - Jim

From The Delaware Gazette:

Hanks leaves consulting position
Friday, November 6, 2009

Staff Writer

Delaware County Commissioner Todd Hanks has resigned his job working as a part-time consultant for a local civil engineering firm, the Gazette has learned.

Hanks had been working part-time for Civil Engineering Consultants, a firm with specialties that include environmental studies and solid waste management, since shortly after being appointed to the county commission last January. Hank was slated to make a $50,000 annual salary, plus a commission based on work he referred to the company.

When asked by the Gazette, Hanks said he resigned from the position on Oct. 6.

“I felt it was in the best interest of the county,” Hanks said Thursday. He declined to elaborate, but said he arrived at the decision independently of his employer. A representative with CEC could not be reached for comment.

Hanks was county auditor when he was appointed to the county commission last January. He took a $14,000 pay cut to become a commissioner, and Hanks said he accepted the job with CEC to help make ends meet.

It is not illegal or particularly unusual for elected officials to hold an outside job, but ethics laws require elected officials to clearly separate their public and private work. A written opinion from the Ohio Ethics Commission said the law prohibits Hanks from representing CEC before any county agency or from using his influence as an elected official to benefit his employer.

However, a May meeting between Hanks, county officials, Village of Sunbury officials, State of Ohio officials and CEC representatives may have blurred the line between Hanks’ private and public jobs, legal sources have told the Gazette.

Hanks invited the CEC representatives to the meeting to try to find them work with a private landowner who was working with Sunbury on a redevelopment project.

Delaware County economic development director Gus Comstock had set the meeting up with the Sunbury village administrator, and Comstock discussed seeing if county revolving loan funds could be contributed toward the project. Neither the landowner nor the Sunbury officials knew Hanks worked for CEC until months later.

No county money was ultimately contributed to the project. Hanks has said he did nothing wrong, and pointed out that he abstained from votes from boards that he was sitting on that would affect CEC’s work for private contractors. CEC has not done business with Delaware County since August of 2008.

Although Hanks declined to explain his exact reason for resigning from CEC, an engineering and contracting source said attention prompted by Gazette articles was a factor in the decision.

Political pressure may have been a factor too — sources within the Delaware County Republican Party said Hanks’ employment led to “grumbling” and concern among some Republican party central committee members. Hanks is up for re-election next year and the county GOP will likely begin the endorsement process late this year, in advance of the May primary election.

Delaware County Democratic Party Chair Ed Helvey said even though Hanks has given up his private job, his party would make an issue out of Hanks’ former employer come election season.

Helvey said he thought Hanks’ employment with CEC inappropriately “collided head-on” with his authority as a county commissioner.

“It goes to the heart of his integrity and honesty as to why he’s an officeholder,” Helvey said. “Is he there to serve the people or is he there for personal gain?”


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hanks jumped before he was pushed. It's kinda difficult to drum up business for your employer when you're being investigated by the Ohio Ethics Commission, and it became apparent to CEC that the $50K they were giving him wasn't yielding results. Just speculation, but I'd be very surprised if it didn't shake out like this.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get that Hanks is being investigated? OEC investigations are not public information. So yes, that is just speculation, if by speculation you mean totally made up.

Anonymous said...

I just think it is hilarious that Hanks resigned over a month ago and nobody even knew. Not to mention, CEC did no work for Delaware County in 2009, but did before Hanks was there, plus, as it turns out, Hanks never got any comissions, nor has the Sunbury project even been awarded yet! Also, the Gazette named the wrong firm in the latest article - a different C.E.C. from Columbus, not the CEC from Delaware County, plus they even spelled Todd's last name wrong (called him Hank). The legal analyst is some yahoo from Cleveland. I guess that is how far you have to go to get a good quote. It almost seemed to me that the Gazette was patting itself on the back for costing a Delaware County firm a job, and costing one of the County's own (Hanks) a job. I don't know Todd or CEC, but this is a witch hunt to sell papers. Democrat or Republican, the Gazette and Tobias are pathetic. What poor journalism. Hey, I wander if CNN reports on things that happened a month ago? Better yet, I wonder if they make up stories to sell press time? No comissions, no projects awarded, no Delaware County work? Resigned to protect the County? Projects that never happened? Wow! What a story! From an outsider looking in, this is despicable journalism, rushed stories with no substance, and nothing more than politcal specultion. I'll get back on the sidelines now. If Hanks is as bad as some say, he will trip up and will be caught. As it stands right now, this is all politcal and has no substance. The Gazette is backpedeling and should issue a formal apology. Hanks has a wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim for keeping the citizens of Delaware County informed.

The Ohio Ethics Commission investigation and the private investigation being conducted on Hanks and Thompson will make it possible to get rid of them both in a speedy fashion.

Keep up the good work and honest reporting. Kudos to The Delaware Gazette and Anti-Positivist!

Anonymous said...

Hanks asked the OEC to render a legal opinion on his employment with CEC. That was a pre-emptive measure Hanks took to preclude criticism of conflict of interest, and was practical, but necessary, formality for him to be employed by CEC. Let's be clear about that. What the OEC did was render a hypothetical legal opinion that Hanks would not be breaking any laws to do work for CEC, so long as he didn't conduct business for CEC while "on the clock" as a commissioner--or otherwise use his office to secure them contracts.

His actions since then have been very unethical--both with the Village of Sunbury and also with ST eGe. Let's be very clear about that.

Hey Todd: You're a disgrace and should resign. If you run for re-election, and are lucky enough to get the nomination by our crooked county GOP, I will campaign for your Democrat challenger--and s/he'll win.

Let this serve as a warning for any DelCo GOP Central Committee members who read this. There will be an army of Democrats--including Republicans crossing the aisle--to defeat Hanks if he is your nominee.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad that you criticize Hanks for his involvement with CEC, and then criticize him when he quits. It just shows that you are not looking at this objectively, but rather pessimistically. Too bad your anti-positivist outlook does not apply evenly across the board.

Anonymous said...

"It is pretty sad that you criticize Hanks for his involvement with CEC, and then criticize him when he quits".

Todd Hanks has a cloud of ethics issues hanging over his head that makes him radioactive to probably any business in the county and state which, in turn, made it impossible for him to get business for his employer. He was no longer useful to CEC because he couldn't get any business for them-at least ethically. And you expect anyone reading this blog to believe that his continued employment by CEC was an option? You're actually trying to argue that Todd Hanks, The Great Altruist, has a conscience and resigned for the good of our county? Yeah--let's give that fool a standing O! Please...he jumped before he was pushed.

Todd Hanks should write a Thank You note to Ken O'Brien every day for the rest of his life, for saving him from his stupid, sleazy self. By shining a bright, unrelenting light on the ST eGe deal--and killing it like the virulent germ that it was--he kept Todd Hanks from entering the county into a deal whose conflicts would ultimately have been discovered.

I won't thank Ken O'Brien, though. I'd rather see Todd Hanks wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hanks voluntarily sent information about his employment and dealing with CEC. An unethical man would not voluntarily send information that was incriminating to an ethics board. Mr. Hanks was trying to operate above the board. I cannot say the same for Mr. O'Brien. At least Todd has not been found, after hours and in the dark, in another county employees office.

Anonymous said...

Todd, or Todd's Mom (whoever it is who is defending the odious Todd Hanks):

Stop it. You're making yourself look like an ass.

An honorable man would not have tried to hoodwink the people of Sunbury Village, or try to steal $3MM from the good people of Delaware County.

If Todd Hanks was honorable he would resign his commissioner seat.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are the one who continues to look foolish. You name call and post speculation as fact. And it seems like pointing the finger at O'Brien and his after hours office escapades has agitated you. (but at least that is fact)Your disdain for Hanks does not justify the spin and out right lies you spew. Your emotions have clouded any ability you have to make cogent arguments based in fact.

It is sad that you cannot accept that volunteering information on public and private dealings to an ethics board shows a willingness to try and work above the boards. But I guess when you have an anti-Hanks agenda, that is an inconvenient truth.

I guess we can also dismiss that the county has worked with the developers to create a solution for the poor interchange at 71/36/37. The county was able to get the developers to pay to have a study done and finance part of the solution.

But I digress. You have shown over countless post and topics that you do not want to actually discuss the situation. You would rather dictate your version of reality. And all of the juvenile mean spirited comments continue to detract from any argument you might actually have.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Todd--you really should go elsewhere. The likes of you are really not welcome here.

O'Brien's escapades? Oh, I see. Let's try to seed rumor here. As long as O'Brien is not taking $3MM out of my pocket I don't care. He's on the right side of the issues, regardless of what he does on his personal time. And if he was engaging in some Watergate style late-night break-in it was probably to get records that you hid from the public, like notes and emails from the two weeks of negotiations between ST eGe and Yost's office. That would be a logical start for a late-night break-in. Heck--I think I'll do that myself!

Only a fool would believe you would give up a $50,000 paycheck voluntarily--especially when you cry poverty about taking a $14,000 pay cut to become commissioner. I'm sure you took the job because you heard "cha-ching" with all the connections you'd make. And I'm sure CEC let you know in no uncertain terms that, if you aint producin' you aint stayin'. And, guess what--you aint producin' for CEC. Kinda hard to round up clients when you're as radioactive as you are.

Todd--you are a louse. That's all there is to know about you. You are a sneaky, deceitful louse. The object definition of a corrupt politician. Look up "corrupt politician" in the dictionary and there's a picture of your reptilian mug.

Do us all a favor and resign. Then disappear.

Anonymous said...

What the article tells me is that the DelCo GOP basically told Hanks that he needed to ditch his CEC gig in order to receive the endorsement.

The DelCo GOP is high if they're going to run this guy next year.

Can you say, "Commissioner Van Sickle"?

DelCo GOP: Please endorse Hanks! Please!!

Anonymous said...

There is no seeding of a seem to know more about it than was mentioned. Ken was in another persons office after hours, and the lights were out. Sounds sneaky and suspicious to me. Any person with the integrity Ken claims to have, would not be in that situation.

Thankfully you quit mentioning the lack of incident at Sunbury. Because there is not proof of willful or accidental wrong doing.

And the St eGe deal; I've never claimed that it went well. But I will say, Ken approved of an RFP being done with methodical terms and conditions. And I give him credit for that. But Todd is no villain for pursuing the project either. Ken agreed that the idea was worth looking into. It was not an attempt to steal money from the taxpayer. You can spin all of the conspiracies you want to, but you have no proof. You are only making assumptions based on your preconceived notion of who Todd is, and that lacks intellectual integrity.

Don't get me wrong, suspicion can be a good thing. We follow our instincts that may lead to something valuable. But when those suspicions drive our emotions and conclusion, we are off course.

And for the record, I am not Todd or anyone else you know. I am a resident who watches the meetings, and follows the reporting on it. I even speak to the elected official, and the employees of the county. So your propaganda techniques do not work on me.

Anonymous said...

The Truth is in public record.

As I see it Anti-Positivist is truthful meritoriously. The Gazette has done an excellent job reporting the facts. Both News Worthy, unlike the
delawareco poopoopolicial reporter, Anti-Positivist nor The Gazette lie and make up stories.

You 5:03 or aka Toad Hanks Mom you're making yourselfs' look like idiots.

It's time to CLEAN HOUSE *** Hanks and Thompson need to go....

Anonymous said...

5:45 PM,
Now I have heard of Moral Relativism; ya know, there is no universal moral truth. And I understand that this philosophy explains why some people have a different set of moral than another person.

But I am shocked that you display moral relativism within yourself. You can accept O'Brien's malfeasance because it is not as bad as Hank's alleged wrong doing. You are a contradiction. Wrong is wrong. We cannot justify ones person's actions while condemning another, especially when you have no proof.

Anonymous said...

Your spin to take the heat off of Todd Hanks and Tommy Thompson is laughable... LOL.... You seem to be the only one who thinks O'Brien did anything wrong. No news reports No public records indicate any wrong doing on his part.

So, Stop... it hurts to laugh this hard..

Public record and legitimate news reports shows the corruption in the commissioner office is Tommy W Thompson and sidekick Todd A Hanks.

So quit with the rumors and lies your spin won't accomplish anything except to make you look like an idiot.

It's time to go Toad Hanks and Tommy Boy

Anonymous said...

Now you are the one making me laugh.

-There have been tons of public records requests on Hanks. And what has it yielded? Oh that's right, nothing. You can keep looking and say that something will be found, but as time marches is looking less and less likely.

-Just because it was not in the paper, does not mean that it did not happen. I have talked with numerous sources in the county building that have corroborated the stories. You are only lying to yourself if you think Ken was not in another persons office, after hours, with the lights off. I am also not the only one who cares, I have talked with many people who are appall with his inappropriate entry.

You can keep spewing your hate driven lies and speculations, but it does not and will not make it true.

Anonymous said...

That's right Toads Mom you can keep spewing your hate driven lies and speculations, but it does not and will not make it true.

Was there a bug planted in the toads office? I hope so it could be interesting. LOL.......

From the few I've seen those public records and minutes yield plenty of violations. I'd like to see those charges happen quickly too, but lawyers seem to take their sweet time dotting i's crossing t's. I can hardly wait...

Good Night Toad's Mom

Anonymous said...

Feel free to post any evidence you have, but you don't have any. So instead you post loaded speculation and try and pass it off as fact. Intelligent people will see right through your hate and lies. Nighty night to you too Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Toad--Resign!

You are an unethical POS!

Move to Franklin County--they don't seem to mind official pick-pockets, and probably wouldn't notice $3MM missing out of their treasury.

Tell me--who do you think the Party will run in your place?

Anonymous said...

There is so much talk of incriminating public records against Hanks. If you have the public records, why don't you send them to the anti-positivist, and let him post them. It would seem like that information would be interesting to him, and the rest of us. Then we would not have to take your word on the existence of the documents and unethical activity. Or you could post what the documents are, and let the people request them for themselves. Sounds like it would be easy enough...unless they do not exist.

Anonymous said...

Toad: better yet--if you're so eager to prove your fidelity to the law and ethics, then please send Jim Fedako the following:

- All emails pertaining to the two weeks of negotiations between ST eGe and Yost's office, and all emails from you to Yost's office regarding the ST eGe issue, or all matters pertaining to bioreactors/renewable energy.

- The business case that shows $100MM in annual revenues from that multi-million dollar ST eGe Fart Farm you tried to force on DelCo. I have a real interest in that one.

- ALL documentation from ST eGe to you, from DAY ONE to today.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so you don't have anything.

Anonymous said...

Ohooo... Toad....It looks like everyone has seen those records floating around Right down to the time line questioned above by 7:46.

You must be out of the loop Toad, tell your mom you'll see them soon probably in legal form.

Hey Toads Mom you're embarrassing yourself trying to defend the toad.

Resign Toad Hanks

Anonymous said...

All fluff, no substance. I guess you cannot provide the facts that you say exist. So far, you are the one looking foolish.

Anonymous said...

Documents are only incidental at this point because it's been established that ST eGe and Yost's office negotiated over two weeks the terms of the contract (that Ken O'Brien had no idea of)--a $3MM contract for services that were never discussed by the board beforehand, nor did you ever consult the county experts on its feasibility. The contract was drafted by ST eGe and went straight to Yost's office for finalization.

And you don't have a business case that shows $100MM in annual revenues generated from your proposed Fart Farm. Doesn't it all begin with a business case? I look at project business cases every day. Proving feasibility and profitability are the first hurdles to beginning any project, and you didn't see a business case from ST eGe or create one yourself, nor consult with the county engineer or director of the sewage authority. Why was that, Toad?

Forward to Fedako yours and/or ST eGe business case. That's the document I want to see. All costs, risks and benefits outlayed over a timeline of implementation and profitability. A real business case.

You have nothing because you're a fraud. You're time in DelCo gov't is just about up. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Anonymous said...

Toad? Toad?

Toad's Mom?


Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny that you cannot grasp the fact that I am not Todd. I do not have access to the information you referencing.

But then again, I am not the one going around claiming that information exists. The burden of proof belongs to the accuser, and you are the accuser.

So you can accuse accurately or falsely all day long, and it does not convince an objective person. Evidence or the documentation that you have claimed shows unethical or illegal activity is what can prove your argument.

All you keep saying is, the time is coming. You should not be surprised that someone is calling you on it. But for some reason, you are afraid to post this information. Are you worried that if people are given the chance to evaluate your case, it will be found wanting? It sure seems that way. It appears that you want to hate on a man who you have nothing solid on.

I would think that you would revel in the ability to slam Todd with factual information in this public forum. I would think you would want people to see your iron clad case of impropriety...but you won't or can't deliver.

And i know you will post and ask for documents again, but I am neither the accused or the defender. I am just a person who wants to make an informed decision based on facts, but I guess you would not prefer that. You would rather influence people with propaganda and unsupported speculation.

With that being said, I am done. You have proved nothing but your own foolishness or insecurity. Either way, people can evaluate your lack of ability to provide facts.

Anonymous said...

To Toads Mom:

Please feel free to search Anti-Positivist you will find more than a dozen articles addressing the toad. I also recommend the Gazette you will find the toad and his corrupt actions make the news often.

As for any additional info being released to the toad, as said above "you'll see them soon probably in legal form".

Ask your attorney toad cause your mom sure doesn't understand you find out upon discovery ordered in court.

You make me laugh Toad you have no defense!

Good Night Toad's Mom

Anonymous said...

"But then again, I am not the one going around claiming that information exists. The burden of proof belongs to the accuser, and you are the accuser."

Toad: that's exactly the problem. No documentation exists to support your attempted $3MM giveaway, and I'm calling YOU out on it. Provide the documents I asked for to prove that your $3MM giveaway was well founded and went through proper, official review. You're throwing out red herrings because you can't support your own actions.

Where's the business case that started this ball rolling? Surely, if someone came to me and claimed they could generate $100MM annual revenue for the county I'd say, "prove it". Upon receipt of the business case I'd consult the county engineer and director of sewage for their input. They're the experts on such matters, right?

Well...where is that documentation?

Waiting, Toad. Waiting...

This whole thing stinks because you stink. You leave an indelible odor in that board room because you're filthy. I can't wait to see you as the DelCo-endorsed candidate come re-election. Spend as much of your PAC money as you want (well, whatever is left over from all those meals purchased). Glossy flyers. Ads. Doesn't matter. You're done, Toad. Or should I just start calling you Toast?

Anonymous said...


Where is the business case?

Where are the DelCo officials' opinions on the ST eGe contract?

Toad? Toad??

Toad's Mom?

Anonymous said...


June 24, 2009

Re: Record Request

To Whom It May Concern:

RC 149.011 Ohio Public Records Act ensures accountability and transparency in the conduct of public business.

This request is for all communications and/or records between/among St eGe and/or Kabealo, Ison, Camp and Delaware County Commissioners as a board and/or individually including Tommy Thompson, Ken O'Brien and/or Todd Hanks. Also include communications and/or records of St eGe and/or Kabealo, Ison, Camp with Gus Comstock and/or Dave Cannon; and any communication and/or records of St eGe and/or Kabealo, Ison, Camp with Delaware County Prosecutors. I am requesting all public records created January 2, 2009 through the end of June 25, 2009. Please send this information through email to this email address.

All records including any document, device, or item, regardless of physical form or characteristic, including any electronic record as defined in section 1306.01 of the Revised Code. Specifically and particularly paper or electronic document, e-mail, video, photograph, voice mail, or any other medium that could be a record. Including records held or created by another entity that is performing a public function for a public office.

The rule in Ohio is public records are the people’s records, and that the officials in whose custody they happen to be merely trustees for the people.

I appreciate your prompt assistance in completing this public records request. Thank you in advance.

Debi Henthorn

Anonymous said...

The email does not prove a lot. It proves that Deb requested documents from Dave Cannon.

All I can assume is, Dave Cannon failed you. Outside of that, it doesn't mean a whole lot. It certainly does not validate a criminal or ethical case against anyone, but maybe Dave Cannon.

Oh well, I guess providing incriminating documents was too much to ask for.

Anonymous said...

To Toads Mom

Providing those incriminating documents will happen upon court ordered discovery Toad.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah, more lies from a broken record. You make claims and then you back pedal. Why? Because it is all a house of cards that will crash around your head.
But I did like your sad little attempt to provide a record. It shows how badly you want to be right and prove yourself. But you just don't have what it takes, you continue to prove this over and over.