Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What about Dave King?

Well, King makes his living off of (inter alia) local governments. Do you think he will ever challenge the status quo? Not a chance.

And that's why ol' Wade-O is stumpin' for King. Jut keepin' it in the family.

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Anonymous said...

The only transparency the board and administration show is their lust for Dave King to sit next to Julie, come January.

Aren't there laws on the books that public offices are not to be used for political purposes? Giving Dave King the floor for a 15 minute infomercial a week before the election is an inkind contribution that can be measured in ad space in ThisWeek and OVN. Whatever an ad would cost to print the volume of verbiage that Dave King used in his infomercial is the value of that contribution.

Same thing with the newsletter. How much you want to bet that Avakian did the layout, or wrote it. They have a vested interest in this election, too. As long as Feasel remains--and King gets a seat--the gravy will keep pouring into Avakian's account. Sleaze. Pure sleaze.

Joel Gagne needs to feel some political pain.

These people are amazing.