Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Julie Feasel Follies (5) -- Wade and Feasel run the numbers

Originally posted January 23, 2009. -- Jim

Wade and Feasel run the numbers, Olentangy style

Just our luck. The district recorded the climax of the contract negotiations between the board and Wade. The video shows Wade runnin' the numbers, with Feasel proudly showing her command of public finance.

Who is the man talking sense? Why Billy's the ghost of the forgotten taxpayer. Somehow, common sense entered the board room, only to be obfuscated out the door by the sophistry of the public servant and his elected enabler. And Billy certainly got cheated. We all did.

Remember, it's all about the kids -- all 1.3 million of them.


Anonymous said...

How about King running his own numbers? $34MM--wow!
If this is a real number then why was Tuesday the first time it's ever been made public? Surely a district that broadcasts every achievement--real or phony (mostly phony) would have crowed about these saves years ago. And certainly they would have paraded them out during the bruhaha over the "spirit of cooperation"--er--"early completion" bonuses. But they did not. Because those saves don't exist.

Jim Fedako said...

3:42 --

It's only a save IF the money is still in my wallet.

To tax me but not spend it right away is not a save from my perspective. In fact, had they blown the money on administrative offices or kept in some account somewhere, it's all the same to my wallet.

If they want to save me money, lower the tax rate for bonds, which they can easily do.

Why don't they? Because they want the millage to remain high so that the next ask is lower.

So they tax me too much today in order to save me money later. Pure nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I caught a goof listening to Lucas flounder through his little song and dance about the district's high college remediation rate. It disturbing to see the "Top Educator" and leader of our district so unfamiliar with the most important data that he and his overpaid curriculum team should know inside-out. It was the equivalent of a CEO not knowing his company's balance sheet.

It's such an entertaining contrast to see the district intelligentsia clumsily fumble around with real issues instead of the nimble prancing they do around the fake achievements. It was five minutes of comic relief to the 15 minute painful infomercial that was Dave King's song and dance.

For all the flapping and floundering he did the other night--and because his winning of the superintendent job was a fluke--I shall forevermore refer to Wade Lucas Ed.D as "Flucas".