Monday, October 19, 2009

Julie Feasel Follies (3) -- Julie Feasel: Clamping down on dissent

Originally posted on 5/22/09 -- Jim

Your Olentangy school board is feverishly working on phase two of its "brick wall." The board is now looking to clamp down of dissent -- defined as any voice on the board that does not parrot the party line.

I have to say that Feasel, Meider, Galloway, and McFerson are four of the most evil folks ever elected to a local office. While their political affiliations may differ, they all agree on one thing: The community is to be held in contempt.

And folks, it's not just them. It's also your gang of administrators, including your treasurer and new superintendent.

These folks care nothing about the community.

Of course, it goes beyond those listed above. It includes community volunteers who choose to remain silent. Volunteers who refuse to question the majority position since to question may mean the end to the petty offices those volunteers so desperately enjoy -- better to play along than to lose access.

Remember, for all of these folks, power and influence is their raison d'ĂȘtre.

note: Whenever you read the evils of history and you begin to raise the "it could never happen here" argument, consider for a moment, just a moment, what would happen if those like Feasel held positions of real power, supported by efficient and silent community members. Can you even imagine? "Papers, please."

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't Julie Feasel list the Brick Wall award as an accomplishment on her website? It's the only real accomplishment she's achieved while on the board.

Oh, yeah--and revising board policy to thwart contrarian views and punish pesky colleagues who demand accountability.

She is despicable.

Hey, Julie--go pick up your award. You earned it!