Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wade Lucas: Manipulating the Masses

Regardless of their value, Hilliard and Worthington have community-run websites that question their respective school districts. These are sites organized and run by folks in the community. And they go by these names: and Again, regardless of their value, these are community-run sites.

Now, venture over to Wade-O and his propagandist over at the Olentangy School District recently bought their domain in order to play Olentangy residents. In other words, taxpayers are once again being played with their very own, hard-earned tax dollars.

Has Olentangy no shame?


Anonymous said...

How is that deceitful? Anybody is welcome to purchase any domain name. Its not like they are setting up a new site that is attempting to "educate" the board. The domain points to the current district website. While I do not agree with what the school district is doing financially and educationally, they have just as much right to purchase those domains as anybody else. Sorry they beat you all to the punch though. Guess you should get a little more organized in your own propaganda machine...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33 AM (district lackey) illustrates that deceit perfectly.

It's all about intent. What was the districts intent to buy those URLs (remember--they bought all three)? That they just direct back to the district site--not a site about issues--says it all.

That's okay--this battle hasn't even begun yet.

"Sorry they beat you all to the punch"? We work for a living. Deceiving the public isn't our jobs, unlike district personnel who get paid to do this (and have nothing else to do all day).

Anonymous said...

As someone who dropped in on my local brain laundry frequently I can say that supers have lots of time for mischief. And they do it.

Anonymous said...

Olentangy ain't the only one.

Paul said...


The WHOIS database says is registered to a Kathleen Peirce at 6497 Spinnaker Dr. in Lewis Center - a residential address. Is she a district employee?


Jim Fedako said...


Good question. She is the consultant who manages the district's website.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41

I find it funny that you call me a "district lackey" when in my post I talk about how I do not agree with what the district is doing financially and educationally. I have also posted on here several times how I am moving away from the school district.

To say that those domain names should only be available for use as a site about issues is absurd. When you buy a domain, it is YOUR decision as to what will be on that site. I could buy a domain called and make it a site that points to a recipe of chocolate cake...that is my decision to make, not yours...I paid for that site. The fact that the district was able to get to those domain names before you is unfortunate, but guess what, they did and they can point it to whatever they want...they chose to send it to the main district page.

Does Olentangy deceive the public? Yes...I believe so wholeheartedly. But this is not deceit, this is business. How long does it take to register a domain? All of about 5 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Anon--you're missing the point.
The district knows about EducateWorthington and they're terrified of something similiar happening here. They bought those domains in an attempt to prevent a similar movement from happening here--it's as simple as that. The district didn't buy those domains to "educate" anybody--just to try to kill a message before it's been created.

It's silly, though, because all they did was buy a few domains--not prevent a movement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53 am

I think you are missing the point. To say that someone is deceitful because they purchased a url before you had a chance to is lame at best. How about instead of complaining about a stupid url, you go to a board meeting and speak up. The audio gets posted on the district website after every meeting.

Again, buying those domains is not deceit. Did they try to post a webpage about issues under false pretenses? No they did not. They purchased the domains and pointed them to the district webpage. Maybe educateolentangy means to educate olentangy students. That is the district's call to make because they own the url.

Let me reiterate...I do not agree with what the district is doing with my money and to my children educationally, but I also do not believe that by them buying a couple of urls that they are being deceitful. Did they hide the fact that they purchased these? I don't think so.

Is it just a slow news week in Olentangy that you all can't find something else to complain about?

Anonymous said...

Olentangy has no shame. The only Board member who seems to care if Jennifer Smith. She has put in countless hours. I recommend that she move on and get on with the Marburn School board and staff. Anyone who wants to see a school totally involved with learning difficulty children and who fully incorporate the parents, take a tour. One day and the kids are changed for the good. They are immediately shown their value and will be taught education in the 21st century and that memorization does little to help them for the future.

As for the district, they took a pesonal vendetta against my job as a bus driver to the point I quit.Yes the Board meeting prior my son's ineligibility for transport on agenda. Did anyone bother to inform parent? No. supposedly an addendum was on to respectfully accept my resignation. I have yet to find that. In addition, now a private citizen at 8:45 that evening Mr. Lucas had two cruisers dispatched to inform me to stay off all school property, had additional patrol added to properties and possibly buildings searched. And yes the 1st day of school with 2 drivers on my bus, a supervisor followed the bus a.m. and p.m. Trust me I have done nothing to warrant this, except get all the truth in writing. Yes I am not the only parent. So glad my son is not attending in this district, although OHS has him listed, but Pupil Services insists on homebound instructed and directed transportation not to pick him up if I did not respond to a letter. Makes one wonder and proof the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and getting paid a wonderful salary.

Anonymous said...

The "Responsible Olentangy Citizens" (ROC) website is now up and running. Members have pledged to be fiscal conservatives for the OLSD taxpayer and are all involved. It was suggested to me to re-name ROC to "educate olentangy" but was registered in June 2008 long before the others. Although Olentangy is not unique in its issues with the OLSD adminstration and OSB as compared to other districts and it is great to have other school district citizens get involved and not sit quiet, we are our own people. Let Wade buy whatever domain names he wants- he cannot control people who really care. We will educate folks about how their tax money is irresponsibly spent and also how the OLSD does do a good job with some things(although sometimes this is hard to find with all the $ bonuses being granted to staff and their contract buddies). The best thing folks can do is join the effort, show up at OSB meetings and write letters!
Tracy Ruegg

joy piper said...

Great idea Tracy. Have done that and now banned from school property. Benn collecting wood who is ready to stand all along surrounding premises with signs. lots more house dumpsters to collect from.

Anonymous said...

The people that are running for the board need to get their name out there. I know that I am going to vote for Pat Grubbe, but does anyone know who the rest are???

Anonymous said...

If you go to Google and type "Olentangy School Board Election" you'll find the candidates.

Then you can google their names to learn more about each one. Good luck.