Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scott Galloway: spinning and spending my money

Olentangy board member Scott Galloway loves to spend my money. He loves it so much that he can't remember how much he spent. Or can he?

First, when fellow board member Jennifer Smith notes his profligate ways, Galloway has the nerve (according to the Delaware Gazette) to say, “You’re springing numbers on the board we’re not prepared for."

Yet, soon after, when confronted by an angry taxpayer in the audience, Galloway spins this response (as printed in the Delaware Gazette), "I understand all those numbers because I was there for the vote (originally pertaining to Jenkins’ compensation) and I understand what I voted for at the time and I understand what I’m prepared to vote for now, which is a 2.8 percent increase."

Now, Galloway is a spineless political hack -- truly spineless. But to spin so much is such a short time proves that he's nothing less than a tool of the administration.



Anonymous said...

The audio is beautiful. Gallowaste looked like a complete fool. So did Feasel, as usual, with her dumb reply about Jenkins's raise "We're catching her up to where she was when she came in". Huh???
Then when Smith nailed Feasel on putting the raise on the agenda without voting on it first Feasel looked like a fool. You KNOW the corrupt members communicated with each other about it beforehand. But Feasel dare not mention that so she just sat there and took the egg on her face. Beautiful.

But Gallowaste got his butt KICKED.
Smith: "What is the total dollar amount of the raise?"
Gallowaste (paraphrase): "2.8%--I don't have to know the dollar amount--you're playing games with the numbers"
Smith: "Yeah--2.8%--doesn't matter if it's 2.8% of a million dollars or 2.8% of $200,000--it's just 2.8%, right? Great..."
Galloway: (duhhhhhh)

These people never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

The audio is posted. You have to hear it to believe it. The exchange is at 1:38:00. Patrick Grubbe speaks and then the argument between Gallowaste and Smith erupts. Unbelivable. You can hear someone yell in the background "You should know (the cost of the raise)--you voted for it!!". Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Read the gazette. Can't wait to hear audio. Now rewind the audio and go back to public participation. Can anyone believe that a proud employee of the district transportation department would dare roll in w/ suitcase full of documents, admittedly ill prepared, listen to Mr. Lucas statements and get up and speak. Oh yes please ask me to read his email to me.

My math calculations lack:seems 30 minutes are allowed to speak from public. I would say that means 6 people. Now if only one speaks shouldn't they get 25 minutes more. Why do people before get all the time in world. Is it because they are employees, well so am I.
Yes I have it in writing, the Board makes the policies, but does not enforce them, it is up to the superintendent. Seems I requested in presence of superintendent extension. No. I left. Wish I had stayed for the fireworks.
I think the site needs changed from antipositivist to pro God/prayers. Oh schools and religion don't mix. Let me tell u I recommitted myself to Christ on Sunday and requested prayers for the district. God has answered already.
I think the odds are stacking up.
I cannot not implore enough pour out your support to Jennifer Smith. Mr. Fedako get back on board. I know nothing about it, but I would gladly join. I have public records. tsk tsk who knew they could get them. I will close on that note, but please rewind and listen.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Galloway is now Gallowaste. I love it. Let me show you how district employees use first class to describe the Delaware Gazette. Hmm new computer usage policy starts this year. What a shame to show the real truth and dispel the myth. Wonder if same parties that expressed that opinion, have made any mistakes. Guess who holds the cards.
It is a shame more people don't speak out, but then again when it falls on deaf ears what do you do. Oh no need to worry we apply for services on behalf of special needs children that they never receive, create transportation grants only to hope someone opens first class in the summer and lo and behold people that don't even have children in the district.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by this. The four irresponsible board members didn't know the cost of Wade Lucas' contract when they approve it. Why should the understand the cost of Becky Jenkins (who has only a bachelors degree as a qualification for her treasurer position) measly 2.8% pay raise, the third raise in 11 months?

Goofaway and Weasel sound like idiots and the DG reporter was spot on in his article based on the audio.


Anonymous said...

Dimon -- "on a comparative basis, she is where she should be when compared to other [treasurers in the comparative group]."

So if she is where she should be, then why is the raise needed? Or is Dimon a goof too?

Either way, the justification for the raise is a joke. It has nothing to do with performance. It is proof that our district doesn't hold people accountable. It is proof that we pay based on a comparative basis to other positions in other schools. The issue is simple. What if every school district employs this same practice? Then NO ONE is held accountable in ANY district and pay and pay raises are no longer an incentive, they become an expected entitlement.

I would love to see an assessment of Jenkins qualifications and pay vs. the qualifications and corresponding pay of CFO's of other comparative districts. I'd also like to see a qaulification comparison of "CFO's" of like sized companies. I'm sure total comp vs. qualifications wouldn't line up and that Jenkins would be very overpaid based on her lack of CPA, Master's Degree, etc...

Anonymous said...

Weasel of course meant to say, "we're making her pay equal to other treasurers in comparative districts". Yeah--those with MBAs and CPAs. Further, how many of these treasurers--how many in the STATE OF OHIO--have a "Budget Officer" whose sole function is to create the budget and report on monthly variances to Actuals? That's right--NONE. The budget is the responsibility of the treasurer and the creation/tracking of which is not viewed anywhere--certainly not in the private sector, and not even in school districts--as a dedicated, full-time position.

To get anyone up to speed who doesn't know this, it was discovered during the fallout of the last raise the treasurer received that she apparently did not know how to budget. From what I heard and understand during arguments on this, the prior year budgets were carried forward (that is, all One-Time and Recuring expense) with 10% or 15% put on top as contingency. This is lazy or incompetent--take your pick.

Fine--so she apparently did not know how to budget. No biggie--it's only a budget of a couple hundred million--right? Well, what were the downstream impacts to the Five Year Forecast, which drives the levy schedule? That's an issue. Fine--let's deal with it, then. So, how did the board deal with it? They gave the treasurer a raise. Fine--I wouldn't have done that if I was on the board, but then they're irresponsible and we all know that. But what do you do then? Do you insist that the treasurer take a class or two on budgeting? That's what should have been done. Give her a chance to build the necessary skill to do the job correctly. But no, the board decided that she needed a "Budget Officer" and created a position to do just that. That's wrong.

So, the board has again increased the treasurer's compensation dramatically--more than 8% over a year, while reducing her responsibility significantly. Her compensation is above what her peers is--with "like" education (bachelors degree) while her workload is likely lower than any of them. No animous against the treasurer--I don't know her and never met her--but she's arrogant and unapologetic about the shenanigans she pulls in the board room and I don't like what I see in the way of how the board enables her behavior.

She is "public information officer" of the district, but has denied a board member financial public records over and over, and has told a board member--her boss--that asking about variances to budget are none of her business.

Look at the "Budget Officer" as an $100,000 incompetence tax foisted on the good people of this district(estimated cost of salary/bens of the position). Change needs to happen. Feasel and Meider need to go.

Anonymous said...

Good morning friends,
I am so pleased to see positive support. Who would believe I would ever be writing in here. After all I only have a high school diploma and am a poor working parent in the district. However, I was blessed with two wonderful Christian parents who raised me with strong beliefs. I am not sure which one fits best, but right now it is HONESTY. I seriously would like to know what mirror they look into everyday and can be proud of themselves and face their families as if they are saints.
On another positive note, oh yes religion and school don't mix, well that was probably the first mistake to remove it from the schools, but God blessed me with some calls yesterday. I already know several parents who are outraged by what is happening to their children in the district. The numbers of growing and yes an autistic child just came clean with his parent about what was happening to him and the child is scared to death to go back to school. Say your prayers, I am frantically trying to make placements contacts for him.

Again love you all. Someday we will all have to meet. I am not sure they have a building big enough, but as I understand it, we are entitled to use their property unless they changed the books again. lol

Anonymous said...

Excerpts and commentary from the Treasurer's contract.


4.1 The BOARD shall compensate TREASURER at an annual rate of one hundred and eight thousand, two hundred and fifty-six dollars ($108,256), to be paid in equal installments in accordance with the schedule of salary payments in effect for other full-time administrative personnel. In addition, the BOARD shall pay the Treasurer a one-time lump sum payment of two thousand dollars ($2,000), in the second payroll in January, 2009.

** A "resigning bonus" of $2K at the expense of the tax payer. Nice work Feasel/Meider/ Galloway/McFerson.

5.7.... and shall provide her with any new fringe benefits provided to other full-time administrative personnel.

** Why would the district agree to automatically grant the treasurer fringe benefits that other administrators have negotiated as part of their contract? This is essentially an OPEN CHECKBOOK scenario for the tax payers of this district.

5.8 Annually after completion of the Board’s evaluation of the Treasurer the Board
shall pay an amount equal to six percent (6%) of the Treasurer’s annual salary as provided in the first sentence of Section 4.1 above during the preceding twelve (12) months (July 1-June 30) multiplied by one and eleven-hundredths (1.11) to a “tax-sheltered vehicle”

** The treasurer was awarded this 6% annuity in October/November of 2008, just after her pay raise in September of 2008, and before her new contract (with a pay increase) was approved in January of 2009. Yet, that wasn't enough... the board needed to award another 2.8% pay raise this week to "catch her up to where she was when she was hired in?" What the heck does that mean Weasel???

5.4 The BOARD agrees to pick up and pay such contributions to the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Ohio as are required of the employee by law, and to pay the “pick-up” on the pick-up.

** This equates to a contribution of roughly $27K by the tax payers of this district into the treasurers retirement while the treasurer contributes NOTHING / NADDA / $0.00 into her retirement.

5.6 The BOARD shall pick up and pay the complete cost of the Treasurer’s Medicare tax (currently 1.45%), in addition to the BOARD paying the complete cost of its employer Medicare tax.

5.9 For maintaining her Treasurer license and completing on-going professional development requirements, the Treasurer shall be paid an educational stipend of five thousand, five hundred dollars ($5,500) annually, to be paid when educational stipends are paid to other certified/licensed employees.

**In order to keep her job, she needs to maintain her license. As tax payers, we are paying the treasurer to maintain a treasurers license so she can retain the treasurers position. Note that the cost to renew the license is less than $1K, therefore there is $4500 left to pay for any professional development that the Treasurers deems necessary to complete her tasks for the district.

7.1 The Treasurer shall be encouraged to participate in professional growth activities at the local, state, and national level she deems are related to fulfilling her responsibilities as Treasurer. The Board shall pay the dues of the Treasurer for membership in the local, state, and national professional organizations of school business officials. The Board will also pay the actual and necessary costs of her attendance at the state and national meetings of those organizations. The Board shall reimburse the Treasurer for her costs in obtaining continuing education.

** Aren't we already paying the treasurer a $5500 Education stipend under section 5.9? If so, why are we also reembursing the treasurer for all education expenses (including travel, meals, books, etc..)?


Anonymous said...

8:20 -
The "incompentance tax" is closer to $160,000.

Anonymous said...

There is so much about this that just sickens me....

#1 - The fact that the treasurer is receiving several raises in one year...that just seems shady.

#2 - The board has no idea what they are voting on.

#3 - The constant bickering that takes place among the reminds me of the commissioners...this is just sickening..

#4 - Looks like Olentangy will be sitting in the same place at SWCS in the very near future...

Again...I posted earlier that I put my house up for sale and am moving out of the district...good luck to all of you in handling this problem. I am moving to indiana who has seemed to gotten grasp on their education funding. At least if the school board decides to add a tax increase, you can vote them out of office.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lucas:

Why don't you show leadership and do for Olentangy what Worthington Administrators are doing....give back the 2.8 this year and next....then go to the union and get some concessions!

Leadership takes courage....the current Board has none...If you get ahead of the curve, you won't have the levy problems in the future! on as usual...glad to see you are still paying attention.

Jim Fedako said...

9:05 --

Wade-O will not ask for reduced salaries. Keep in mind that in less than three years, he can retire on a taxpayer-finded salary of close to $200K per year. He has no concern for the taxpayers. None whatsoever.

Anonymous said...


Whatever you are smoking, please share. To Jim's point, when Wade-O leaves, he will recieve an $80K check just for breathing in this district for 4 years and four months. He will then cash in on a huge annual retirement check of more than $200K PLUS the annual contributions to his 6.75% defferred annuity that OLSD tax payers are funding during his 4 plus year contract with us.

It is HIGHLY doubtful that Wade has any desire to stay hear longer than his contract term. He brought his Greene Local Lacky down as an Assistant Super for a reason. She's next in line and I'd bet the bill for today's OLSD Admin Offsite meeting at The Lakes that Geoff Brown and Mike Nicholson are not happy about it!

Anonymous said...

Gallowaste is worse than a tool... he's a tool shed!

Who can say RINO?
I can --> GALLOWAY!

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for another grant. OLSH will apply for one and create study groups to figure out why mass exodus out of district like southwestern. Duh so glad I did not give up. I have so much in black and white and they act like they do no wrong. Don't think they are too worried about losing money.
Don't fret about Jenkins increases, geez my son earned money thru fund raising, check it out cannot transfer funds for wash dc to siblings, etc they took mine, oh transportation head count district got funding son not in school since oct thanks to district requested refund from jenkins haven't seen it yet. oh and yes newly retired Griffin, documented son receiving tutoring for math and reading, sorry excels in both. Now you really don't want to know how many ieps, if they call them that, show kids getting tutoring etc and never receiving it.yes parents pay themselves and sadly enough to make point u must give it up to show your child regressed to get attn.

Anonymous said...

How does Shady Wade get to retire in two years?

Jim Fedako said...

11:44 --

All public school teachers can retire after 30 years. Their retirement income is based on a percetnage of their three highest years of salary.

Wade-O received a huge jump in income by coming to Olentangy -- something like twice his old salary. So, after three years at Olentangy, his retirement will be based off of his excessive Olentangy salary.

Jim Fedako said...

And, by the way, you pay for his retirement.

Has he ever thanked you?

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I guess if I was getting paid the salaries most of our district administrators are getting paid, I could close my eyes to the evidence in black and white and participate in the corruption as they do and how can anyone being paid and getting increases stand up and be bold. I would like to learn how many teachers even hold special education degrees. I believe that any teacher that has a special needs in their class has to have one. When is the State going to get involved, really read these IEPS that pupil services gets the attendees to sign without knowing what they sign. All they amound to for the most part is child will do this, child will do this and do not put in services or goals.

On a good note, a number of parents with special needs are realizing they are not the only ones with concerns.

I am sure when it goes public, many mouths will drop.

Let's keep up the good fight. Again I appeal to all of you write Jennifer Smith online and show your support. I am sure this must be very frustrating to her, but at least she sees the truth and yes has called me personally to show her concern.
Have a great day. Now off to Marburn to pay tuition. Will probably be crying all the way knowing the district should be paying the tab. Its okay if my son is diagnosed with a spectrum of autism, there is a pool of funds and rest assured I will see that Olentangy gets none of it.

Good luck to the person moving to Indiana. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...


Not smoking anything....just want to issue a leadership challenge to the district administrators to see if they are serious about keeping their jobs after a levy finally fails in this district.

Call me an optimist...but the two up for re-election hopefully will be gone in will be quite interesting to see if the board actually provides leadership at that time and tells their administrators....sorry no more raises, no more spending, and bye bye Becky for a real CFO!

Anonymous said...

That's unreal. So, if they paid Shady Wade twice what he was making at Green can we expect our kids' achievement to double?

If the superintendent's financial position increased by 100%, shouldnt' that translate into a 100% increase in our kids' achievement quotient?

Judging that the board gave our treasurer an 8.8% increase in the last year, while reducing her responsibility by--what--at least 20%, I won't look for wisdom or logic in the board's rationale of Shady Wade's derived compensation.

Oh, that's right--he was a friend of former superintendent Scott Davis. How silly of me to overlook that. With 600+ superintendents in the state, what were the chances that the stars would align in such a way as to bring unremarkable, unaccomplished Hayseed Wade to the attention of Dimon McFerson, guide him into the Top Five, and shine the brightest light (on unquestionably the dimmest candidate) to be chosen as the superintendent of Olentangy?

It was surreal to listen to the Feasel, Meider, McFerson and Galloway to heap syrupy platitudes on this unremarkable, unaccomplished person. They even lie in their praise. Hayseed Wade's only claim to fame was to have administrated an initiative by a local Coshocton businessman to BUY passing grades from students. That is, if the unfortunate, disenfranchised kids of Coshocton district received passing grades the businessman would give them vouchers to purchase goods from local businesses. Leave it to the private sector to come up with a creative solution to deal with failure of government. How did Wade feel when a local businessman essentially said, "You--the school district--failed our kids. Step aside and let me take care of this. Mr Lucas--here are your marching orders..."

The Dolt from Green hit the lottery, indeed. But we're paying for it.

Anonymous said...

I been reading this site for over a year now. We all can write on this site, but my question to everyone, where are you at these board meeting. Why can't we get a commitee together to fight the board? I have always said one person can't fight board, it has to be a lot of people come together to WIN!!

I know these days people are to busy, but not to busy to write on this site.

Lets come together.
Lets change Olentangy forever.
Change is needed!!

Anonymous said...

Worthington Administrators Give Back their Raises. The golden spigots at Olentangy, however, are running at full force.

Four Board Members - Feasel, Meider, Galloway and McFerson - are not in touch with the economy. The district is facing a reduction in state funds, but these 4 members can't spend money fast enough. I guess they are confidant the Olentangy residents will pick up the tab.

Anonymous said...

Feasel and Meider are gambling that their largesse will be a distant memory come November. With the South-Western levy failure and the about-face of the Worthington administrator cadre heating up--and likely staying warm until November--they are gambling, indeed.

All I can say is that, if the right two people run they will have a bunch of foot soldiers and neighborhood networks to help them get elected.

Anonymous said...

If this district re-elects Meider and Feasel, God help us and God help my income because increased property taxes are a guaranteed.

Name the candidates and I'll send some cash to help the campaign!

Anonymous said...

Count me in too.

So...who's cloning Jennifer Smith?

Anonymous said...

And not just Worthington - Westerville administrators made a similar concession:

C.C. said...

Too many times people have asked this board to reconsider increases for administrative positions.

People have requested the board to be more responsible with spending our tax dollars. But they praise lavish contracts on 3rd and 4th line players.

Other than Smith...this board has chosen to ignore their constituents to point of leading this district down a very slippery slope. This slope will ultimately lead us to situations of failed levies like Worthington and Westerville.

The time to save this district is in November. Don't vote for the incumbents. Vote for the 2 that have asked tough questions and tried to make the board accountable for the actions.