Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wade Lucas: feeding the pilot fish

Not only are the taxpayers stuck with Wade McLucas, now we have to endure his pilot fish (his minions from Green Local), all in a frenzy for whatever scraps ... er, dollars ... the shark (Ol' Wade) has left in your wallet.

Wade gets to spread it around because the board just loves to spend your money.

By the way, I believe that Wade calls these new hires "the kids." 'Cause you know every dollar is spent for the kids.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous that his former asst superintendent just happens to be the "best qualified" for the job. I just think that is a big joke. Can we say "conflict of interest?" I have decided that this district is too expensive and is spending my money like crazy! We put our house up for sale in June....see ya Olentangy! You won't get my money anymore!

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is: Did Green Local offer her the superintendent position when Lucas left? If not, then why.

The next question is, logically, "If Green Local offered her the superintendent position then why didn't she accept it". But we know the answer to that: It's not about the great kids at Green Local. It's all about the green backs at Olenganty.

We're so blessed to have another committed public servant join the ranks.

Anonymous said...

Amen to leaving the district. Yes on here we know from experience how corrupt the system is. Feels like a losing battle at times, but there are people gathering the facts. Yes all about the kids at the expense of special needs kids receiving supposed services to pad their pockets. Recent movement again internally support my convictions and I predict that Mrs. Stires will become new principal at OHS. I have no sympathy for the future of the district.

Anonymous said...

"Recent movement again internally support my convictions..."

what's this about???

Anonymous said...

Green employees are doing a happy dance. Watch your money.