Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Todd Hanks starring in The Big Idea

To the best of my knowledge, Todd Hanks has never created one job -- being a political hack and all. Yet ...

According to ThisWeekNews, "Hanks and ST eGe officials contend the project could create up to 3,000 jobs and bring in non-tax revenue for the county of more than $100-million annually once it is operational. He and other county officials immediately began looking at funding sources after the June 22 meeting, including federal grants."

Got that? Hanks is going to create 3,000 jobs in Delaware County ... 3,000 jobs. And he is going to do it with your tax dollars.

Hanks is a man of small ideas. So where did he come up with such a big project -- such a big idea? Maybe his friends think big for him.

The question to ask is this: What's in it for Hanks? (Might be time to check his friends and family plan.)


Anonymous said...

Keep digging, this is interesting. I watched a bunch of the video...I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...


Hanks and Thompson wanted to give $3MM to their buddy Phil Kabealo just to study the idea.

Millions more to build the bioreactor.

Millions more to operate it (the county would incur all cost to staff and operate it.

Then millions MORE to build a facility to refine the methane product to a high enough BTU to sell commercially, or a plant to convert the methane to electricity in order to sell it.

In order to generate enough methane gas to generate $100MM in revenue annually and create 3,000 jobs we'd have to have a production capacity in the thousands of acres--and have to import thousands of tons of septage as the reactive agent, annually.

That means that we would have thousands of septic tank waste trucks coming into Delaware County from all over the region, which would increase the risk of resident exposure to e.Coli thousands fold.

This plan would transform Delaware County to the Crap Captial of Ohio.

But, I doubt Hanks and Thompson ever thought any of this through because there is no such plan, and never has been. They just wanted to give their buddy Phil Kabealo $3MM of our money and used ST eGe's fantasy assessment as their cover to do it.

This clearly was an attempt to defraud the public.

Anonymous said...

Thompson is not friends, and never has been friends, with Phil Kabealo. These thoughtless accusations have been made before, but they are just not true.

Now Hanks and Kabealo have been admittedly been friends for years (it was acknowledged in the meeting).

I do not think either of these men were trying to defraud the people of the county. I do not think they were trying to line the pockets of Phil K. But I do see why people would think so.

Jim Fedako said...

Yes, Hanks and Thompson are selfless public servants. Everyone is simply looking out for the taxpayer. Simple as that.

Jim Fedako said...

That was sarcasm, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thompson and Kabealo may not be "friends", but was Kabealo not exceedingly generous to Thompson's campaign coffers? My understanding is that he was very, very generous to Tommy Thompson's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Please take a moment to review Thompson's campaign records - available to the public. Kabealo did not contribute one dime to his campaign. Your understanding is wrong.