Friday, May 22, 2009

Julie Feasel: Clamping down on dissent

Your Olentangy school board is feverishly working on phase two of its "brick wall." The board is now looking to clamp down of dissent -- defined as any voice on the board that does not parrot the party line.

I have to say that Feasel, Meider, Galloway, and McFerson are four of the most evil folks ever elected to a local office. While their political affiliations may differ, they all agree on one thing: The community is to be held in contempt.

And folks, it's not just them. It's also your gang of administrators, including your treasurer and new superintendent.

These folks care nothing about the community.

Of course, it goes beyond those listed above. It includes community volunteers who choose to remain silent. Volunteers who refuse to question the majority position since to question may mean the end to the petty offices those volunteers so desperately enjoy -- better to play along than to lose access.

Remember, for all of these folks, power and influence is their raison d'ĂȘtre.

note: Whenever you read the evils of history and you begin to raise the "it could never happen here" argument, consider for a moment, just a moment, what would happen if those like Feasel held positions of real power, supported by efficient and silent community members. Can you even imagine? "Papers, please."


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me these clowns are at it again. What now?

Is the next step to have Re-education camps?

Jim Fedako said...

4:34 --

They are creating policies that punish the dissenting voice. They are out-of-control.

Anonymous said...

Based on the story in today's Dispatch about New Albany's school situation it looks like there might be a little trouble in paradise.

Anonymous said...

I say violate the policy....what are they going to a law that doesn't exist?

The majority can't handle reality and aren't intellectual enough debate issues. They are told what to think by the bureaucrats who consistently vote themselves raises in the voteing booth and in the admin offices.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do New Albany and Olentangy have in common?

A: The idious "I need a cut list" Carole Dorn-Bell

When I read that the odious Carole Dorn-Bell was moving to the unthreatened, undisturbed pastures of NA I thought, "Do they know what they're getting?". Apparently, they did not.

Now they know what they got (which also included sleazy consultants in a package deal), and they want to sanitize their district of her residue by ousting Castle and his minions on the board.

Anonymous said...

Love it. La Castle Nostra really kicked a hornets nest in pissing off a bunch of lawyers and CPAs/MBAs. (Wade-O: take note)

Gee--let's get 70 residents on a phony committee for no other reason than to give the levy "outside credibility"; then at the first board meeting after levy passage let's give everyone a 3% raise! These NA folks were like, "Huh???". More like "Duh".
NA got a big wake up call to the treachery that is their board and administration--something we've been dealing with for years.

How long do you think it will be until the board gives Wade-O (OLSD's own Million Dollar Man) a raise?

Anonymous said...

You'd think these clowns would have learned their lesson after their first smackdown...or second, or third, etc.

When will these people learn their lesson? When they can put a Golden Gag award next to their Brick Wall trophy?

Enough, already.

Note to Julie, Teri, Galloway and McFerson: You contribute nothing to the district except a "Yes" vote to everything the district puts in front of you. You have done nothing since you have been on the board. You have contributed no ideas; you have not pointed out any shortcomings that should be addressed (there are many); you provide no financial--or other-- oversight.

This being the case, all we ask of you is to behave yourselves. Just behave yourselves. The first order of any public office is to obey the law; this is the foundation of everything before the gavel is ever swung. The second order is "do no harm". You and the others have done plenty during your tenure as board members. So, you have failed in your primary charges as public office holders.

The four of you really should resign. You have violated the law with purpose and manipulation and brought great shame to this district.

jpip said...

well said as a parent of a special needs student in the district and having acquired public records, attended meetings, wrote letters to everyone involved i am making a special request for any parties interested I have been required to attend an "IEP" meeting on Weds, May 27 2009 @10:15 a.m. at pupil services office OHS to fight to get my son into Marburn academy -marburn has accepted him the district is rejecting for reasons marburn deals with dsylexia and ADHAD, they feel that marburn cannot deal with his "behavior" and doesn't have curriculum like OHS its time for help too many special needs parents are getting taken by reps of the district and i refuse to have my son be pipelined to prison yes i have documentation to prove this

Anonymous said...


Let me guess what happened: you dared tell the district what was best for your son, which was different than what they had in mind for him, so now they refuse to send him to where you requested just to spite you.

How far off am I?

Anonymous said...


It's all for your kid.... or, perhaps the state revenue your kid provides the district by not going to Marburn.

You decide.... but my mind is made up.

Anonymous said... can we help?