Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Julie and Teri, Pick up your award. You earned it.

McFerson missed the banquet too. And he never misses an awards ceremony. Come on you selfless public servants, don't be shy, you all earned it -- time and time again.

Close-kept superintendent search earns dubious recognition for Olentangy school board
* An Ohio journalism society has given its Brick Wall Award to the Olentangy school board.

Published: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 5:07 PM EDT

The search for Olentangy's newest superintendent ended last year, but the process used to find him is still receiving attention.

The Central Ohio Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has selected the Olentangy school board as the recipient of its 2009 Brick Wall Award.

Since 2001, the society has presented the award to the individual or organization that, according to chapter members, did the most to block journalist and resident access to public records and proceedings or otherwise violated the spirit of the First Amendment during the past year, according to the Central Ohio SPJ.

"The Central Ohio SPJ board chose the Olentangy (board) for this dubious distinction after the board's deliberate efforts in 2008 to keep the details of its superintendent search from the public," wrote Central Ohio SPJ Vice President Kevin Kemper in a April 27 letter to board President Julie Wagner Feasel.

Kemper cited questionable closed-door meetings with the Educational Service Center of Franklin County search firm and a memo distributed to board members from then-Vice President Dimon McFerson, which stated, "We want the search firm to keep all the paperwork. They can be protected from Freedom of Information Act requests. Our lawyer will explain how this works."

During the board's second search attempt, McFerson was approved as a one-man search "committee" in hopes of skirting legal requirements of the Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act, Kemper wrote.

"It was also a move that allowed the board to follow the letter, but certainly not the spirit, of Ohio's Sunshine Laws," he wrote.

Kemper invited Wagner Feasel or a district representative to receive the award during the SPJ Founders Day banquet, held Thursday, May 7.

"In previous years, winners such as the Ohio Historical Society and the village of New Rome have attended and accepted the award in person to begin a dialogue on the issues leading up to this award," Kemper wrote.

No representatives of the district were in attendance at the banquet.

McFerson and Wagner Feasel both said they did not plan to comment on the award.

"I am not at all surprised that the Olentangy BOE received an award for impeding access to public records and public meetings," said board member Jennifer Smith. "This board has no regard for transparency. Worse, they are counter-transparent, continually violating the public's right to an open school board."

Smith said as recently as last month that the other four members of the school board violated the Open Meetings Act by discussing board business outside of a public meeting.

"I, personally, have incurred $2,000 in legal expense to obtain public records from the district," Smith said. "This fall, two school board seats are up for election, and I am hopeful that the residents of our community will be responsive."

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Anonymous said...

Julie Feasel is either dumb or deranged. Nahhhh--she's likely both.

Her defense of being an architect in a scheme to deceive the public?

“I’m looking forward, not backward,” Feasel said. “We have the best superintendent [Wade Lucas] in Ohio and he is on board. He’s already put into action all sorts of cost-cutting measures.”

Oh, really? And what are those "cost-cutting measures" he has "already put into action"? I'd like to know because they sure weren't included in that $30,000 propaganda piece the district mailed out last week.

These people are so detached from reality that it is disturbing. The four of those bozos have no business being in positions of public trust.

Anonymous said...

Their hubris is appalling. “I’m looking forward, not backward"? Are you kidding me?? Well, can you really blame her for saying that? After all, it must be difficult to reflect on such shameful misconduct.

But then, “We have the best superintendent [Wade Lucas] in Ohio and he is on board", so maybe she doesn't regret being a deceitful lech. In Julie Feasel's mind the ends justify the means.

Is this really a lesson that she wants the kids of our district to learn? She brought up this same concern months ago regarding rancor during board meetings, and that it was not setting a good example for the kids of our district. Of course, it was a just an(other) attempt to brow beat member Smith into going along with the (corrupt) program.

It is Feasel and the other, dirty three who are the rotten example for our kids.

Anonymous said...

“I’m looking forward, not backward,” Feasel said. “We have the best superintendent [Wade Lucas] in Ohio and he is on board. He’s already put into action all sorts of cost-cutting measures.”

Oh really Julie...listen to the meeting you chaired on Monday...those ideas came from a citizen sub-committee of your board. People have suggested ways to save money for years...but you and the other board members and administration ignored them.

Now, saving money is all the rage...because citizens who actually care about fiscal oversight brought ideas to a new superintendent(not to you), who does not have any baggage (OTA, OFK) in this community. He has to justify his 1.4 mil contract.

Oh and Scottie...way to jump on the bandwagon...your year as President included a record tax increase...where were all the "great opportunities for savings" before the levy! Nice leadership!

Let's hope a couple people from these new subcommittees come out to expose Feasal and Meider in November.

Anonymous said...

The "let's look forward and forget about the past" is standard B.S. by the guilty in thought and deed. If Olen. has "the best supt. in Ohio" then Green should have anted up more moolah so he would stay. I'm sure all the other morons in all the other schools who claim they have the best supt. in Ohio (or pick a State) are very ticked to hear Julie make such a claim. And wouldn't you think that all the highly intelligent people of the district (and other such districts) would be embarrassed to be represented by such dopes? To think that they voted for these people? As Bugs Bunny says: "What a Maroon. What a nincowpoop."

Anonymous said...

If there are any taxpayers and/or parents who read this blog and really desire to know what is going on (and there will be few) may I suggest visiting the site of Lynn Stuter (LEARN) or the site called bureaucratic daycare or Charlotte Iserbyt's site and reading her books and those of John Taylor Gatto. Also Berit Kjos who writes about the control of people by those who control schools and the media. Or books by B.K. Eakman or Sam Blumenfeld. Really, there's just no excuse. The explanation for all this was given twenty years ago. An entire generation grew up and had children while all this radical revamping went on, changing the government schools into indoctrination camps. And you all pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The superintendent Wade Lucas is already taking personal days for personal reasons. I wrote him and ask him to review my sons I.E.P. because I am getting the run around from his middle school, I recieved a letter back saying he is taking time off for personal needs. If I did this at a job I just started I will be fired.

Anonymous said...

I do not remember the First Amendment saying that you have to give your attacker ammunition.

This may be a Sunshine Law issue but it has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

The press seems to feel that the First Amendment means we have to do their jobs for them. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...


By "give your attacker ammunition" are you saying that "We are guilty as charged but we are not going to hand over the proof so you can report it to the public!" ??

Seriously! You just incriminated yourself. If you have nothing to hide, then transparency shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, if you know you are doing wrong, then hiding it from Public Records Laws and Public View, as Dimon clearly stated in his memo, becomes your MO. Once that bridge is crossed, it becomes very hard to regain your credibility because everything is now suspect.

FYI: By Julie's standards, Dr. Axner at Dublin is Ohio's best Superintendent. Why? Becuase Dublin declined to hire Wade Lucas (yes he interviewed and didn't make the short list) and they selected Axner instead. I'm sure Dublin would have only hired the best. Just like Olentangy only hires the best. Do you see a trend?

Anonymous said...

Hey now--Axner is the highest paid super around, so he must be the best.

Anonymous said...

ok.. you got me. Districts pay the most to those who are the best. Dublin's super is the best because he's paid the most.

So Wade is the second best... becuase he's paid the second most.

Julie, get your facts straight (again)!!!