Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wade is the one: I concede

Really. I do.

You see, I've done some additional research and asked a few more questions. In the end, I have reached a conclusion that is opposite my initial view. Though it is likely hard to believe, this is how I see things today: Wade is the superintendent best suited to guide the Olentangy Schools toward a bright future. And, this is also a key point; a dissenting voice has no place on the board.

Look, folks, Wade just received his Ed.D., and he has decades of experience. He is innovative (witness his dissertation, etc.) and energetic. He is just what the district needs. It's high time we support Wade and his agenda.

And it's high time that we begin working to return experienced leadership to the board.

Likely, there will be folks running in November claiming the need for change. However, just look to the White House to see the results of change.

We need sensible, experienced leadership -- leaders who will stand behind the superintendent and his staff, no matter the issue, no matter the expense. That is the sole means to the district's sought after ends.

Wade, Best of luck. Keep up the good work. And more power to you!

Here's the team of winners (with the bad apple removed):

About Mrs. Feasel
Julie Wagner Feasel
About Mrs. Meider
Mrs. Teri Meider
About Mr. Galloway
Mr. Galloway
About Mr. McFerson
Mr. Dimon McFerson


Jim Fedako said...

APRIL FOOLS' DAY (a little early, but note the post date).

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I thought Jim Fedako had lost his mind. That's better...

Anonymous said... got me Jim! I thought you had gone nuts!

Anonymous said...

I thought Dimon quote the board, he's only attended two meetings so far this year.

Anonymous said...

Why would Dimon quit? All he has to do is show up (well...whenever he wants, anyway) and say, "Yes" or "I second", or "So moved" and then go home with the quiet satisfaction that he did great things for the kids.

And he also gets to scratch that itch of being a player again. The impulses of an egomaniac must be difficult to control, but I think he does an admirable job in controlling them. That he's able to hold out until every fourth meeting, or so, before he gets the itch again is quite an achievement in itself, and the great work he does for the kids when he does manage to attend is just icing on the red iPod--er--cake.

Anonymous said...

That itch that the power-hungry must scratch manifests in odd ways. The guy on my street who has been riding along on Petro's coattails for oh, so many years, and is now in private (though very political) practice just can't stand not running everyone else's life. So he's running to be on the board of the "home owners association". That way he'll be able to dictate to others what they can and can't do with their property that they never really own because they must pay "rent" on it yearly, to the school system for the right to continue living there.

Anonymous said...

WOW- you had me going - thought you underwent a lobotomy Jim!
Glad to know your brain is intact!