Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wade Lucas: Muddled Self-Importance and Nonsense

When I consider sources of new knowledge, I never turn to an Ed.D dissertation. Why? Well, read this one from Wade Lucas, the district's new superintendent. It contains statements of muddled self-importance and nonsense, and little else. Mull over this bit of delusion:

The results of this dissertation will help provide state legislators and educational leaders with information to make plans for a more effective instructional program in Ohio.
Anyone wanna bet that the folks listed -- or anyone for that matter -- are using his dissertation for anything other than a doorstop?

This is my favorite, Wade concludes, "in other words, incentives do have a positive effect on student achievement." But, didn't ol' Wade fight for the big bucks up front. Is he stating that incentives only motivate students? Or, is he admitting that he is only about the money -- the tax dollars?

note: The dissertation is a torture to read. But you might as well read it since it's costing us $28,950. Within the education field, muddled self-importance and nonsense is all you are ever going to get -- at any price.


ubermensch said...

I'm getting a kick out of your criticism of the local schoolboard, as I suspect (nay, know), that such outrages are the norm nationwide.

I'm a graduate student in education, and the types of literature that I am required to read is so ridden with Statistism and utter ignorance of basic principles of human liberty I can scarcely stand it.

One of my ideas for a thesis is an analysis of how homeschooling parents are able to best government school teachers in student outcomes, despite no knowledge of pseudo-scientific "learning styles, whole person, etc." ideals.

Keep up the good work, and I promise that there is at least one academic out there with the students in mind.

Anonymous said...

Home schooling:
Our six-year-old home-schooled granddaughter is presently reading Little Women. Not a dumbed-down version but the real thing.When she encounters an unfamiliar word she writes it down on a notepad and then uses a dictionary to determine the exact meaning. If there is an adult nearby she asks him/her for the definition. She reads every day, sometimes for hours. She learned to read via a bit of instruction from her adult family members and a few phonics books aimed at children, gotten in a library. It took practically no time. This, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on training dummies to be school teachers, hiring them and paying them, conducting in-services, buying text books and other materials, tutoring, testing, and all the rest of the waste that goes on in the public indoctrination institutions. Our family pays taxes so that government employees can be paid very well and waste children's time and dumb the population down but our family's children receive nothing from the system. The ability to read and information in written form is all that is necessary to be educated. Instead, we have a government system that insures children won't be able to read and brainwashes them with carefully chosen books and materials that keep them happy, brain dead serfs working for the STATE, supporting the STATE in everything.

Jim Fedako said...

11:59 --

Agreed. I wrote about this in an earlier post.

Anonymous said...

The books our district assigns students is more akin to "Little Sociopaths" than "Little Women".

There have been notable book assignments since this site has been last been updated, but, who has time to keep track of all the districts acts of deviance?

Have a looksee:

Hey Lucas--I hope you get a better handle on this stuff than your predecessors did (who just took cover and rode it out).

Anonymous said...

I read only to page six of Lucas's dissertation and had to put it down. All the backslapping up to that point seems more appropriate on a Facebook page than it does on a doctoral dissertation. Then again, the standards in teachers' colleges are much lower than any other department on campus, so that may be entirely appropriate for the audience.

I read up to the point where he reminisces about going to the ASCD conference, rolled my eyes and hit the Home key on my browser. No need to go any further.

If he was into the "Whole Child" stuff when he was younger, then I'd have more faith in him. After all, we were all "young and stupid" once, and have since accrued knowlege and wisdom through years of life and living (and paying taxes!).
But he received his PhD in 2008, so youthful ignorance cannot be an excuse his current, kooky beliefs--and lousy writing.

What does the "E" in Wade E. Lucas stand for, anyway? "Expensive"? "Extravagant"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Adding to my post from 11:59
I should have written we receive less than nothing from the system since our family has to suffer what the brainwashed inflict on us after their incarceration.
If it's true that many of the parasites keep up with things at this blog then maybe a few of them will be resourceful enough to give up on the useless and damaging training they got in their "teaching schools" and try something that works. Why not think for yourselves, parasites?