Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Wade Lucas Gambit

A repost so you can see what Wade-O is all about -- Jim

You know the story: Good ol' Wade -- the selfless educator and public servant -- just wants to help the kids, so he accepts the offer from the Olentangy board of education. Since Wade can be trusted, there is no need to agree to a contract at the time of offer. We are all family here. Right?

Everthing goes swimmingly until its time to agree to the specifics: the dollars -- salary and benefits. Then, old Wade loses the facade of altruism and goes for the big bucks. Hey, he has the board backed into a corner since the board already announced his imminent arrival, and he knows it. Sure, the super majority of the board is a bunch of hacks, but is that reason enough to beat up the taxpayer?

So, the Olentangy taxpayers gets Wade as the new superintendent -- a public servant who is out for himself. He out-maneuvered the board and now the community has to pay his outrageous salary. And, when he retires, the taxpayers of Ohio are on the hook for over $200K per year. Think about that, Wade is going to retire with a tax-funded income of close to one-quarter million dollars per year.

I guess the selfless public servants in education need to be insulated from our current financial crisis -- they are only about the kids, you know.

All about the kids? Nope. It's all about Wade. He outplayed the board and nailed the taxpayer. And he hasn't even started working yet. Here we go again.

Note: The board is voting on his contract today at 5:30. Go and give Wade a big hello for the taxpayers who are paying, and paying, and paying ...

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