Friday, January 23, 2009

Wade and Feasel run the numbers

Wade and Feasel run the numbers, Olentangy style

Just our luck. The district recorded the climax of the contract negotiations between the board and Wade. The video shows Wade runnin' the numbers, with Feasel proudly showing her command of public finance.

Who is the man talking sense? Why Billy's the ghost of the forgotten taxpayer. Somehow, common sense entered the board room, only to be obfuscated out the door by the sophistry of the public servant and his elected enabler. And Billy certainly got cheated. We all did.

Remember, it's all about the kids -- all 1.3 million of them.


Anonymous said...

We're in an ECONOMIC DEPRESSION , not according to Olentangy schools. You can set your price, 1.3m for the New Superintendent for 4 years. Something seem wrong with that!!!

The Mayor is cutting jobs and the president freezes pay, but Olentangy Loves to spend Money.

Anonymous said...

Some of the most accurate video I've seen... but that wasn't Wade.

That was Greg Scott and Julie Feasel with Jennifer Smith trying to prove reality.

While we all know 5 X 14 = $1.3M, to the rest of the board it only equals $196K.

Concerned Citizen said...

As of last nights board meeting, the number according to Madame President's personal notes, is $261,223.

Madame President stated "she has no intention of releasing her personal notes and this was her notice to the press" they are, "in the room".

Quite an interesting editorial clarifiying statement to a public comment requesting the budgetary workup and total contract liability.

Anonymous said...

Yet in an article in "This Week" posted today, the district states that the other board members couldn't validate Smith's numbers because she didn't present them to the rest of the board.

So which is it Feasel? Everyone shares their numbers or no one does.

And why didn't the other board members have their own understanding of teh numbers? Could it be that they simply don't care about the cost of the single most important contract they will ever vote on while in office? That alone is scary, reckless, irresponsible, and should be reported by the press.